Comic Book Swap: Youth and Wonder

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We’ve had a Comic Book Swap on May, idea that Stacey (Geeks and Lattes) shared on Geek Girls x Bloggers, our geeky group on Facebook. We have lots of swaps and activities in the group, and so it’s not surprising that many of us jumped on the wagon of swapping some comics. I was paired with Michelle (Geeked out Girl), and I had a super surprise! We were supposed to swap one trade, but she sent me two! I got Young Avengers and Wonder Woman. Imagine my face when I discovered that two trades were waiting for me.

Then I panicked. I’ve been very busy lately, and I also had a nervous breakdown, so I automatically thought I had misread the rules of the swap. Talking with Michelle, I discovered that she had sent me two instead of one out of her kindness. So, I decided to add a postcard from the UK.

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On my list, I had Young Avengers and Wonder Woman (among other comics). As you know, I love all things Loki, and because there’s a Kid Loki in Young Avengers, I had to start the collection at some point. So, having this first trade is just perfect. No more excuses not to have the whole collection!

You already know I’m not a huge fan of DC comics. However, I added Wonder Woman to my list. I always give opportunities to everyone, so I should do the same with a newer version of Wonder Woman. I’ve read reviews of this series, and all seem to be good. [I’ve read the comic already, and although I’m not a huge fan, I must admit it’s quite good! So, if you haven’t read it yet, please do it!]

Remember to visit Geeked Out Girl and discover all about her! She is a very nice girl who happens to be super fun!

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