Loki Year 2016: April 23 to May 21, Buildings and War

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Loki Year 2016 is getting cooler. Today I’m catching up again with material from April 23 to May 21. So, this post is going to be a long one. Sorry for all the delay, but with the nervous breakdown the flu and extra work I was unable to write more than I already did! And without more excuses, we start with the Manson’s bargain, a story we can find in Loki : Nine Naughty Tales of the Trickster. So, what happens when the Gods ask a mason to construct the entire wall surrounding Asgard alone with just a horse? I can picture all your naughty faces now thinking about horses. We might well be about to read that famous myth about Loki and a very sexy horse.

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We could say that the Gods weren’t really nice ones: they didn’t want to pay for the work done. And so they thought that if they just allowed the mason to create the wall alone with his horse, he wouldn’t have time enough to complete the task. Alas, there’s something called magic, and so the guy was about to finish the job. And, as usual, the Gods turned to Loki to ask him to do the dirty work. Well, more than the dirty work, what he ended up doing was the naughty work, since he gave birth to Sleipnir! Yes, an eight-legged horse that he gave to Odin as a present.

Who is the evil one now?

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We follow with some more dark matter with the war of Aesir and Vanir from Gods of Asgard : A Graphic Novel Interpretation of the Norse Myths. Aesir and Vanir are at war. It all comes down to the treatment of a Vanir Goddess, Gullveig (aka Gold Lust) among the Aesir. After she had overstayed her welcome, they burned her again and again, since she rose from ashes time and time again. After years of war, both sides sent their best advisors to settle with a peace treaty. The Aesir also sent Mimir, Odin’s best advisor. Alas, the Vanir chop off his head after they had thought the Aesir had duped them. So, when Odin got the head, he performed magic and kept his friend (yup, as a head in a pot like those from Futurama!) And then again war came, and after long years, they arrived at a truce.

Keep in mind all about that bodyless head of Mimir and how it talks to Odin’s ears! When we read the Gospel of Loki, we’ll find out what that head is going to mess up and what he’s going to tell Loki!

And then we read about building Asgard’s walls from Gods of Asgard : A Graphic Novel Interpretation of the Norse Myths. Very much in the fashion we started with this post, we might follow now being naughty again and meeting Loki in a horse shape and find his son after some months not showing up in Asgard. Oh, Loki! How much did you like that horse!?

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Don’t despair, because our favorite shape-shifter is not only using his powers to shape-shift physically but also he does it in many hearts! When we take a look at shape-shifting in many hearts from Geek Anthropology of Loki’s Army, we find out that not only Loki is taking a nice place in his fans’ hearts, but also Tom Hiddleston is doing it. Why does the villain have more fans than the hero? Why is Loki so likable? One of the main reasons why is because he is so relatable: he is a geek, the outsider, he is adopted, he is misunderstood, he is in no-place like many women are in society, and whatever he does he is seen as the bad one, even if it wasn’t him! He is a perfect archetype that explains the human condition, and thus, he is a great candidate to receive love, more so than Thor.

He is the Trickster God, and so we must also acknowledge that his looks are alluring but not by any chance. Marvel got it right, and maybe too right, when crafting his appearance, in such a way he is more likely to be loved than despised, even when committing evil deeds. And so, his suit and his looks are great magnets for people to like him.

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And, finally for today, we’re going to read lessons 1 to 4 of Book 2 from the Gospel of Loki. In these lessons, we find a Loki, who is even more bitter than before: the Aesir look at him as the Trickster. He discovers, to his horror, that he will never be able to fit in! Whatever good he does, they will only remember the bad things, even if they’re super tiny. And so, he sets himself in a quest for revenge. And the first one to feel it it’s going to be Freyja. He tricks her into getting a wonderful necklace the Dwarves have. Alas, she has to sleep with all of them to get it. And who is going to be mad about it? Odin? And why? You’ll need to read the book to discover it! But, let’s say that Loki didn’t stop here.

Next: he targets the food, the apples. As you know, the Aesir eat magic apples, the food of the Gods. These apples keep them healthy and young. And in knowing so, Loki sets himself to trick Idun, the one in charge of such fruits. He messed things up badly, and created enemies in the far north with the Ice Folk. Remember this deed because they’ll come back for payment! Loki would kill Thiassi to get Idun, and then Skadi, his daughter, would go to Asgard to asks for payment!

Now Loki was getting more and more famous, and with fame, it became that tricks were harder and harder to perform. So, he would try to lay low, and yet plot for messing things up. One must wonder if the Aesir would have left him be and taken him in as one of them, would he had become as tricky?

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Next: we’re discovering about the Balder’s fate in Loki : Nine Naughty Tales of the Trickster. Join us during this Loki Year 2016! Get Loki!

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What we know so far:

1. Loki Year 2016: the Intro + downloadable pdf: go here.
2. THOR, the movie.
3. Who is Loki?
4. Lokabrenna, let there be light!
5. Sif’s haircut.
6. The Avengers.
7. Modern Myths, Loki is a Geek and Thor is a Jock.
8. Loki is never fitting in…
9. Freyja’s Wedding.
10. Thor: The Dark World.
11. The worse environment of all.
12. Messing around.
13. Freyja’s necklace.
14. The Creation of the World.
15. Knowledge is power.
16. Loki lips are sealed…

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