Total Mayhem at the Free Comic Book Day

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And so, this weekend I had a total mayhem at the Free Comic Book Day in Brighton. I was supposed to wake up at 8am in the morning, but I did it one hour later. No worries: I found all the treasures! Not only I got the free comics I wanted, I also got deals on old issues for 1 pound: five issues for only one pound! I repeat: five issues! So, I decided to try out some titles I haven’t read yet, and give them a shot and see if I want to continue reading them. I also got two comic books, including the second trade of the Lumberjanes! And, because I had to have another Loki, and because there were tons of Funko Lokis at Dave’s (yeah, that’s the name of the super cool local comic book store), I got a Loki with helmet! I had a Funko Loki without Helmet, along with a tiny Loki with Helmet. All Funko, all super cute. Thus, my Norse Gods panthon has grown with yet another Funko Loki. Let me show you:

free comic book day, comics, depepi,

My current Funko Loki count is as follows: Loki without the helmet, Loki with helmet, Dorbz Loki, Mystery Funko Loki with Helmet. They live happily along with Thor, female Thor, Mystery Funko Thor, and Funko Keychain Thor. And all this super family shares apartment with my favorite Vikings: Ragnar and Lagertha! It looks good, doesn’t it? A tiny, perhaps weird, but compelling Norse Funko collection. I love it!

So, now that I got 20+ issues to read and discover new comic series that I’d love to follow, and posters that I also got for charity, I must admit that I had a great time. Not only I enjoyed a wonderful morning surrounded by comics, but I also enjoyed an incredible evening watching Captain America Civil War! It was more than I expected and it was so good! I recommend you to go to the cinema asap! Seriously, watch the movie now!

What comics did you get this Free Comic Book Day?

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