Nervous Breakdown due to… Overwork!

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So, I had a nervous breakdown due to… overwork! After several months of non-stop, my body decided to stop. On Saturday. It might seem ironic, but happening on a weekend is good because I can snore it and come back to work on Monday as if “almost” nothing has happened. The reality is that I am still super sleepy, but I’m now working in a relaxed way. So, what lead me to this? Anxiety and sheer amounts of stress. I work online, and it has its perks: you choose your working schedule. However, if you are like me, the downfalls of working in your way are that you decide your own working schedule. It means that you might work longer hours than you should, and you do it in a happy way not realizing that you need to stop at some point. The whole thing gets worse when you do what you love: it’s hard to get tired of doing what you like to do!

Thus, I snored my Saturday, zombied around during Sunday, and was forced to have a regular schedule from Monday. And this means that my evil plans for writing on the blog have been postponed. Don’t worry! I’m writing again, with a delay, but I’m on it again: in a relaxing way.

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So, what have I learned from this? To be mindful and to stop overworking myself. Difficult to follow, since this is not exactly the first time that happens to me. I have a tendency to keep up with work and work more and then do more than I should because I enjoy it. The body has a funny way to tell you that you need to stop: stress, anxiety and shutting down requiring sheer amounts of sleep. Before arriving at this point again, I’m going to take things easy!

What about you? Have you overworked yourself to the point of collapse as well?

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