Fandom Characters: Sherlock, the brains

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Fandom characters indeed explain volumes about us, like Sherlock! Well, he might explain more about our brains, or so it seems. Sherlock is one of those characters that jump from the books and go to the big and small screens and never gets old. Although when you now think about Sherlock as the Cumberlock, reality is that when I think about Sherlock, I think about 1984’s one. Hang on? That old!? Yes! I was a kid, and I was hooked on Jeremy Brett and David Burke as Sherlock and Watson. The adaptation was produced by a British television company called Granada Television, and ran from 1984 to 1994!! I had already read about Sherlock Holmes, and I loved all about it when I finally met his screen incarnation. Not only that, Mr. Data and Captain Picard also played games with Moriarty in the holodeck at some point as well, so, picture me having a lovely Victorian idea about Sherlock Holmes. It has been his Cumberlock adaptation that made him a modern character, but in my mind, Sherlock Holmes is Jeremy Brett!

So, what does have Sherlock that forever thrills me? What does have this character that makes me go to the cinema to see the Downey Jr. incarnation? What does he have that makes me go bonkers? Brains. I might argue that he captured my imagination because of being a mystical creature, but reality is that his logic and brains did the trick. Sherlock has always been a solitary man who enjoyed puzzles more than anyone. Mostly a sociopath who wanted to solve the riddle, Sherlock was brains with a meat suit! But why did Sherlock brains tuned with me since my childhood?

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His ability to enjoy brain games. As simple as that. Mundane activities bored him to death, and he would find joy from solving crimes, great puzzles that would make him enjoy the process of discovering something that others wouldn’t see. I am not saying that I have a brain as brilliant as Sherlock’s, simply because I don’t have it; but I enjoy using my brains for enjoyment. No wonder, my favorite games on the iPhone are all about puzzles and thinking through clues till I solve the riddles! Although I enjoy a simple play, if you don’t amuse my brains, I get as bored as Sherlock. [Funny enough, I had a wall where to design and paint because I happened to do so on a wall before I get mine to play… yup, very much like Sherlock. Although I wouldn’t use a pistol to make holes in it!]

In romance, it happens pretty much the same: you need to seduce my brain! You can be a model or the most beautiful person on Earth, but if you are unable to amuse my brain, sexy things can’t happen with me. In that sense, I might be as sociopathic as our friend Sherlock.

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Although Sherlock’s view of women is quite misogynistic, new incarnations of the character have made him a little bit more human and more according to our times. Despite this, Sherlock has been an intellectual influence on me. So much so, after finishing all the stories, I had to start reading Sherlock-like literature in sheer quantities. I needed the suspense! Thus, I would end up reading Agatha Cristie and follow the adventures of Hercule Poirot, who also made it to the screen!

So, what does Sherlock explain about me? That I like to be intellectually amused, and when I’m bored I might get as unbearable as he is. Because let’s be honest: he is a nightmare when he is bored!

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