Fandom Friday: 5 Geeky Tattoos I Want Or Have

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This Fandom Friday is pretty mischievous. We have to list five geeky tattoos that we want or have. I have to confess that I love tattoos, but that I still have none! For years, I’ve been admiring other people’s tattoos and the artistry of some of them. My favorite are the geeky ones, of course. I’m pretty sure that sooner than later I’ll end up with one decorating my skin [says someone who has been saying the same tune since forever!] But I must confess that I am picky! I’ve found few tattoo styles that I love, and that match what I have in mind. Unfortunately, those styles tend to belong to tattoo artists that are located in the States, or that have moved elsewhere! Furthermore, tattoos for me are a very intimate thing. If I get one, you won’t know it. Why? Because the relationship of the art, the canvas and the meaning is a powerful one for me. Even if I had a tattoo on a pretty obvious place, I would not put it on my blog. But I would certainly tell you what it would mean to me if you would meet me in person and you would find that art on my skin. In resume: I consider tattoos works of art that connect body and soul at a different level. In the moment you have one on you, you become walking art. [How cool is that!?]

1. Alice in Wonderland [We’re all mad here!]

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As you know, my grandma is called Alice. And if you have read this blog, you know that I share a strong bond with her. It also happens to be a motto that fits well my mom. Women in my family are strong and curious, and all of them have always encouraged me to find my own Wonderland, or at least, to take a look at the world in that way. Indeed, we’re all mad here, in this world. We wouldn’t have the works of art if someone didn’t go mad! We wouldn’t have the science we enjoy today if we hadn’t had any mad scientists. And yes, we wouldn’t have messed this world so much if we happened not to be mad. So, yes, we’re all mad here! So, if I were to decorate my skin with a motto, this would be it! To honor the women in my family and to honor the mad creativity we’re capable of!

2. Captain Swan [Love worth fighting for/ true love!]

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As you know, this is one of my favorite ships. I love it because you have a hero and a villain who decides to change for love. They both fight for it. It’s not an easy ship, mind you! It’s complicated, it has its highs and lows, and it is but an amazing journey of fighting for what you love, embracing and discovering their inner demons. If you take a closer look at them, you’ll see that they do represent the yin and yang. Hook dresses in dark colors and is the bad guy who happens to have a good heart. Emma dresses in light colors, she is a blond, and even if she is a hero, she also has a dark side. So, within darkness there is the potential for good; and within light, there is the potential for evil. So, not only the metaphor goes as a reminder that there is no clear cut between good and evil, but it also reminds us that when we’re in our lowest darkest moments, there’s always the hope for light. It also tells us that fighting for love is always a win/win scenario. So, if you acknowledge that you have light and darkness within you, you’ll be able to grow. If you love every single part of yourself, you’ll be able to love others. And most importantly: if you fight for what you love, you’ll have a happy ending! So, yes, my second choice for a tattoo would be a Captain Swan one!

3. Loki of Asgard [I do what I want!]

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Yes, he had to be on my list. Loki is a Norse God with many faces and layers. He is the challenge, the creativity, burning the old and making place for the new, the rule breaker, the trickster. He is many things and more (I could go on an write a teatrise on Loki, but I won’t do it here). So, to remind myself that there is always the potential for growth when boundaries are pushed, that there is freedom when we break the rules that we’ve made for ourselves, that there is freedom as well when we ignore what others tell us and do our thing; I would use runes and decorate my skin. This means that I would need to take a closer look at runes and see what matches the trickster God. [I’ve already done some study on them, and no source seems to agree on what runes exactly, so there might be one, or maybe two… Ah! Loki! Messing around even there!] Besides, it’s always good to be in the side of Loki, in case Ragnarok comes.

4. Bilbo Baggins [I’m going on an adventure!]

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LOTR & the Hobbit has been one of my forever fandoms. However, it’s Bilbo the one that makes you want to go on an adventure of self-discovery! It’s the will of going out from your comfort zone and having the guts of going out there and exploring the unknown. It will change you forever. You’ll learn from it. And you’ll come back stronger! So, in this case, I would choose an open Hobbit door! The world is there for those who are willing to step on it and walk through it! Although I love Elves, reality is that I’m quite of a Hobbit. Most of the time I feel like Bilbo: wanting to stay forever in my comfort zone, grumpy and picky every time something disturbs it. But, I’m the first one to go out on an adventure! I might complain during days, but then, I do go in search for it out of the blue!!

5. Snape [Always!]

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And the last one would be in honor of what Snape represents. Even if we’ve been given lemons in life, we can always love and do good around us, even if no one knows it. We might appear as the villain in the movie, but we know what we’re doing and why. Snape did his job in silence, never taking any credit. We know his good deeds just because at the end he gave his life to save Harry. We can love from the distance, we can be good in private, we can achieve greatness and no one would know a thing! That’s the drama and the beauty of it. Of all those we cross the street every day, how many Snapes are out there? We should stop judging people by their looks (dude! Snape looked so dark!) and start to wonder: what do they hide? What heroic things have they done? Maybe I just walked by a hero that doesn’t look like so. This would be a beautiful tattoo to have!

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