Story Cubes Prompts: Harry Potter! After all this time? Always!

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This week Story Cubes prompts comes with lots of magic. This time I got the following cubes: a pair of glasses, a poison symbol, and two humans (one big and the other small). When I saw the specs, the first thing that came to my mind was Harry Potter. The poison told me about dark magic and potions and the last one was Hagrid! So, there it was: Harry Potter. My favorite characters from Harry Potter are: Snape, Luna and Hermione. I already have Hermione and Snape’s pops, and Luna is a pre-order pop that will arrive home at some point at the end of March, or maybe at the beginning of April. Anyway, when I think about Harry Potter, I think about Snape the most. The tragic professor who loved too much, and did his job undercover. “After all this time?” “Always.” So, what did I learn from Snape? What did this character taught me? (Apart that black is a sexy color and it fits everyone, good or evil.)

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Snape taught me about appearances. Yes, appearances can be deceiving. You might need glasses, second looks and even third looks, because then can be poisonous for our minds, specially if we take into account stereotypes. Hence, people might change a lot, or at least the idea we have of them. That someone looks evil, does not mean that he might be trully evil. We might be as surprised as Harry when discovering all about Snape’s life, how much he loved Harry’s mother, and at what extend he would sacrifice for it. Snape was a hero, and he would die a hero, even when no one would think of him as such.

Snape also taught me that there might be people with hidden agendas. Yes, Snape was an undercover agent; a cool one, mind you. However he had a secret agenda for one of the teams. And thus, we must pay attention to people when we meet them. Look at the details, be vigilant. And yet, be able to trust as well.

harry potter, severus snape, snape, story cubes, story cubes prompts, writing prompts, depepi,

And, as the images of the cubes say: looks can be deceving (or even poisonous), and someone you thought to be huge, can be pretty small, or otherwise.

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