Story Cubes Prompts: Back to the Future

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This week Story Cubes prompts have science and the future. Well, at least if what I see on the cubes I got this week: a dice, a clock and a plane. At first sight, it looks like a weird combination. But then the idea struck me: Back to the Future. This movie was one of my favourites during childhood. Not only I found that Marty was cute, but I also adored the Doc. Granted that Dr. Emmett Brown was pretty crazy, but he was funny and quite amazing. His crazy hair and extreme manners were funny, but his intellect was alluring. Taking a look right now I can see the typical stereotype on mad scientists who can make terrible mistakes or mess things up completely. Despite the fact of having Dr. Brown gambling with time and travelling through it, he was a character that I would remember dearly ever after. Intelligent, daring, crazy and childish. Because let’s face it: they guy didn’t think too much about the consequences of his inventions. Perhaps that’s why we love him so much, don’t we?

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Would you gamble with time and travel through it if you had the opportunity? If you were like Marty, would you mess things up and have the Doc going up and down crazy trying to mend the potential destruction of the timeline? I bet that you would. Think about the metaphor this movie has hidden within: grownups have created a world that children take for granted. They have also created great technology, but they have also not thought at all about its consequences. I’m not talking about the Internet, but all the gadgets and atomic bombs that are hidden somewhere, taking dust, hidden from the public sight just awaiting a madman to push the red button. Although it looks like it won’t happen now, our parents and grandparents have created an exciting world. One in which technology can make our lives pretty comfortable, but also one in which certain people can mess things up completely!

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So, aren’t we all Marty McFly? Haven’t we all the potential to be like Dr. Emmett Brown? Could our ending be different from that of the movie? If we’re not careful, we might end up with the wrong timeline going on here.

back to the future, story cubes, story cubes prompts, writing prompts, depepi,

So, let me take you Back to the Future! I invite you to take another look at the movies and tell me how they mirror reality. [The scary thing here is that we’re one step closer to have a Biff Tannen as President of the United States… Yup… Trump is Biff!]

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