Why do we like Easter Eggs so much? (+ Giveaway!)

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So, why do we like Easter Eggs so much? I’m not talking about the typical Easter Eggs made of chocolate or painted ones that you can find almost everywhere during Easter. I’m talking about all those gorgeous Easter Eggs that you can find in Superhero movies. We love them; we spend time searching for them, and then, we explain lots of theories about what those Easter Eggs might be. Have we gone mad? Or is there something else to the egg business that makes us thrill?

Not only Superhero movies have Easter Eggs, but it is in some Superhero movies that we find tons of them. Not only fans get thrilled to watch the film several times with the prospect of being the first ones to spot them, but they also get active in discussing them with fellow fans. So, what’s happening here? Why do we love hunting those eggs?

Humans are attracted to mystery. The more secret something is, and the more prospect you have to find a treasure, the more eager you are in trying to find out what is that secret all about. Hence, Easter Eggs, as a fannish activity is an excellent tool for producers to maintain the fandom base active in promoting their movies. The harder an Easter Eggs is to find, the greater the pleasure for those who find them! If the producers put some easy Easter Eggs, they also make the fanbase eager to find the most difficult ones.

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Easter Egg hunting is a great fannish activity. It’s fun for fans, but, most importantly, it’s an excellent tool for producers to get free promotions. Not only fans are going to create thousands of videos talking about all those Easter Eggs that a movie had, but many people will also engage in conversations about how good they were, and even in conversations theorizing what will happen next.

Some fannish activities are heavily promoted by producers to maintain the heat of the moment and build up for the future. Many fans are eager to engage in such fannish activities because they’re part of the entertainment and allow them to theorize wildly on the subject.

Thus, we can argue that Easter Eggs create a conversation between producers and the fanbase. Producers will place Easter Eggs throughout their productions in the hopes that some Easter Egg hunters will find them. And then, they’ll let them engage in endless conversations among themselves letting them building up the next stage of the game.

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Is it evil? Perhaps. Tricky? Maybe. Funny? Heaps! So, why not engaging in some Easter Eggs business? While I could tell you to start finding out all the Easter Eggs in Deadpool, I must invite you to do an entirely different thing: create real Easter Eggs. Say… what?

You can crack some eggs, and win an amazing DVD/ Blue-Ray of your choice if you:

  1. Make sure you enter through our giveaway widget down below.
  2. Then, create your eggs and share on either Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using the hashtag #NerdyEgg (Very important! Don’t forget that part!)
  3. The nerdy egg picture that receives the most likes and/or shares will get their choice of one of these 9 Blu-ray or DVD box sets.
  4. Remember! This runs through March 21st!!


Nerdy Egg Contest

So, who envisioned this Easter Egg hunting? No other than the Fairy Tale Traveler! Be sure to visit all the blogs too. They’re great!

Are you ready for the fun?

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