Things I love LOKIsday Vol. 12 (in Sunday)

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It’s LOKIsday!! I know, it’s been a while since the last post talking about all the goodness I find around, and doing it late isn’t amazing. But, yesterday I had so much fun, and I walked so much that I was totally done when I arrived back home. So, instead of skipping this LOKIsday, I decided to write all about it with a tiny delay of one day. As you know, I moved again, so I’ve been going up and down putting all my things in order and finding the best places at home for my Funkos. And, I’ve been exploring Brighton. Not only you need to have Hobbit feet, but you also need to be trained to walk out and about. Hills are the thing here: you go up, then down, up again, then down again. If you want to prepare yourself as a cyclist, this is a tough environment to do so. [Especially if you take the road back home… I’ve never encountered a hill like this one! Seriously… I’m going to have this gorgeous legs just because of going to buy groceries!]

So, what did I do this LOKIsday that had the Geek inside me happy?

1. Geek fashion shopping spree!

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I wasn’t actually planning to get such an amount of geeky tees. It just happened. I promise. [Now is one of those moments when you feel nobody believes you! But this is true!] I just went out to the local comic book store and a walk. But I stopped by Primark and found the new super geeky tees at ridiculous prices. So, as you might guess, I ended up buying them. The Marvel tees are incredibly cute and super fashionable. Plus, they are shiny! (Oh, yes! I love shiny stuff). I also got a Star Wars tee and a Mickey Mouse jumper. Too cute!

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If you take a look at all the shiny parts of the tees, you’ll understand me when I say that these are perfect to be a geek and a fashionista. These look excellent! And I love when you rock it all the way. So, I had to have these. The Mickey Mouse jumper isn’t shiny at all, but it’s too soft. I couldn’t not take this one because its softness is so addictive!

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And then I happened to visit the comic book store and ended up purchasing the Rat Queens and Batgirl of Burnside (volume 2, since I already read volume 1). I usually don’t tune with DC comics, but this one is good. As you know, I consider myself a Marvelite. In fact, most of the comics I buy are Marvel ones. This does not mean that I’m just going to read Marvel comics. I’m open to reading all sorts of comics, as long as the stories tune with me. But, yup, I’m a Marvelite. That’s why when I ended up paying a visit to the Lego store I ended up buying a FrostIron set.

I know. There’s nowhere in the Lego package that states that it’s a Lego FrostIron set. But it is! Look at those two little fellows! They are party beasts! [Plus, I didn’t have any Lego Loki, nor any Lego Iron Man, so I needed it. [I finished assembling it in less than 5 minutes… Maybe it should have taken me more time than that!?]

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And finally, I entered another super geeky store, and found this Funko Iron Man mug cup! Working is never going to be the same with this massive mug! My coffee is going to rock it hard in there! It’s super cute, huge and a great mug to brighten my mornings. [I usually wake up as a zombie, so yes, I need gallons of coffee to open my eyes completely!]

Now, the next question is: are you going to collect Funko Mugs? And the answer is nope. They’re really cute, but they’re also super huge! So, with this Iron Man one, I feel I have enough. And being that massive, it means I can take gallons of coffee happily ever after.

2. I trolled the trolls.

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You know what they say: you’re doing things right if you start to have visits from trolls. Well, this week has been a troll week. I’m not sure how much satisfaction can a troll get from trolling me, especially if I end up trolling the troll. Okay, let me explain: I either ignore them or get satisfaction by trolling them back. It depends on my time and my mood, basically.

Anyway, I still find it weird when people congratulate you when you have trolls around trying to prey on you. It’s a weird way to say that your blog is making it. So, trolls out there that have had the unfortunate luck of trying to troll me this week and ended up vilely trolled by me: thank you!

3. Smoothies!

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I also got my blender this weekend! This means smoothies!!! Just feeding on coffee during mornings isn’t an excellent idea. I must get something healthy! So, smoothies are going to rock my world from now on. I know, they’re naughty colorful mixtures of fruits and veggies. Smoothies are sex on fire for the tongue. Seriously. If you’re not creating smoothies yet, try one and get hooked on them. [Best healthy idea ever!] Plus, if you do them at night you can spice them with some rum. [Oh yes!]

So, how was your weekend!? What did you do that made your Geek self shine like hell?

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