Funko Friday: have you ever done something just for your Funko Pops?

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Another funny Funko Friday is here! Today we have a free topic so I decided to ask a question: have you ever done something just for your Funko Pops? In my case, the answer is yes! And I’ve done it recently. As you know, the number of Pops that I own is getting out of hand. I stopped counting with 60+… I moved, and then I had almost no space to put all my beloved Funkos. I like to have some Funkos on my working table because it makes me feel really good. [I also like to do the same with my books!] So, what to do? After brainstorming what to do next, we decided to put some shelves around, and one of them is occupied with some Marvel pops. I might change the arrangement, but at the moment the shelf looks like this:

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I have more Marvel Pops (Thor, Loki, Guardians of the Galaxy…) But I decided to arrange them in a different way. Norse Pops live together. That includes Vikings Pops, Thor & Loki in their various versions. Mini Avengers live in a separate realm, and so do other Pops belonging to other fandoms. So far, the arrangement surrounding my working desk is looking good!

I asked myself why I do love so much to work surrounded by my Pops. And the answer is pretty simple: they make me feel good. They’re super cute, and their big eyes invite you to laugh. So, creating something just for them, makes sense. They stare back at me while I work. Or they stare to the window from where I work.

What about you? Have you ever done something for your Pops?

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