Fandom Characters: Lagertha, the Shieldmaiden

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Fandom characters indeed explain volumes about us. Lagertha, the Shieldmaiden, is more than just a hot Viking on a show or a historical figure from the past. For me, she represents the stand you have to make when things go astray. She has a fierce character, and although she might show patience at rough times, there are limits that she won’t tolerate. In she same fashion she might be yielding a sword, I do that too, figuratively. I might not chop off your head, but be assured that I won’t let you take advantage of me. But, is that the only reason that I might like Lagertha Lothbrok?

She is an active woman who love independence above all. Not only she knows her limits, she also stands her ground when needed, protect those who she loves, and sails out for adventure. While she might be open minded at times, she won’t tollerate to mistake that tolenrance with being a libertine. She is capable, intelligent and ruthless when circumstances ask that from her. All in all, she is a warrior when she needs to be, an adventurer, a nurturer and a great strategist.

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She might not be a perfect role model, however she does inspire fierce independence and integrity. As a fictional character, she offers us a suitable mirror to find the warrior in ourselves. She won’t tollerate anyone to humilliate her, no matter who that person might be. She will stand her ground and defend herself. And that’s one of the main characteristics that make her such an alluring character for me. I might not be a shieldmaiden, but I do stand my ground when I need to. Don’t mistake being nice with being weak because you’re bound to disaster with me if you do so. I am very open minded and I chill out easily. However, if you cross a certain line and try to take advantage of that, you’re going to feel my wrath. It might sound harsh, but, I do have a virtual sword and a shield in my mind that I use when the time requires them.

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Lagertha knows her limits and her value in a time when being a woman was harsh. She is a fictional character that helps us realize that we can be shieldmaidens too. Knowing our limits and standing our ground with dignity is what made me love this character so much.

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