Story Cubes Prompts: Magic and Vikings!

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And here there’s a new section in the blog: Story Cubes Prompts! Sometimes when I get the writer’s block I use these tiny cubes to spark ideas so that I can write about them on my blog. Because it’s fun, I decided to share them with you! You can join the ride and use the cubes I’ll be showing up each week, and adapt the topics to your blog. You can use the banner ton the top of this post, and leave your posts in comments, so everyone finds what you’ve written using the cubes! But, before we start: what are Story Cubes?

Rory’s Story Cubes is a dice game that helps you create stories. Each dice, or cube, has different images. These cubes are used to play games with family and friends, to spark creativity and to break the ice when social gatherings are weird. I use them for blogging every time I have a block and I need extra help with the topics I usually touch here. [Plus: they’re super cute! I have almost the whole collection!]

story cubes, story cubes prompts, blogging, depepi,

The idea with Story Cubes Prompts is to use two or three cubes each week to write a post related to the topics that we usually use on our own blogs. I take the cubes, mixed them, take two without taking a look, and let them roll. The images that come up are the ones to be used with the prompt!

If you want to take part in this prompt series, mention the origin post and use the banner above (or create one that fits your blog but always mentioning where the idea comes from). When you’ve written your post, remember to leave it here in comments 🙂 [I’m considering to use linkups, but I might do it the traditional way as well, collecting the links from comments and adding it to the post. I’m still unsure which of these two ways I’m going to use.]

And, without much ado, let’s roll the dice!

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Magic (or a cauldron) and a Viking helm! So, our topic is all about magic and Vikings! I’ve been lucky! Because I love just a magic Viking couple that it’s rocking screens worldwide! (Even if they’re not together anymore, I ship them hard!)

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I met Lagertha and Ragnar last year thanks to Vikings, and since then I’m a huge fan. Even though the couple has long split in the show, I still ship them together madly. This couple’s chemistry is so powerful that many people have stated that they would enter into reindeer games with them if they were real! But, what kind of magic do these two Vikings have? Is it the looks? The power vibration they emit? Or just the combination that makes thousands go mad for them?

I long thought about why these two are so alluring together, specially as presented on the first season. Taking a closer look at their appearance, you’ll notice that they could very well fit in our society today, just making some changes to their outfit. Ragnar’s alluring looks fit very well with nowadays hipsters. He has a nice beard, a nice cut with a bun (first season), nice tattoos and piercing blue eyes. Lagertha is also really fashionable: not only her hair braids are incredible, the eyeliner works miracles as well. Plus: she is strong.

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Part of the magic of this Viking couple, is the marketing used on them. Their looks are an image on what’s hot today. Change some dressing attires and you’ll get a fashionable couple. Another strong point is their strength. They are both strong, they are both capable of massive destruction, and they’re both commanders. Not only their fashion is alluring, but their attitudes as well. Since both are capable, they both present a perfect balance, in which men and women have the same opportunities.

Perhaps, the magic of this Viking couple relies on our desires: sex, power and wealth. They are a fashionable metaphor that invites us to brake the rules and express our personalities in a strong and convincing way.

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