Star Wars The Force Awakens, a Binary World of Yin and Yan

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Star Wars The Force Awakens is a binary World of Yin and Yan. Many people have argued that the Force Awakens is a retelling of the same story we already know. However, humanity has been retelling old stories with new characters during centuries. But the key rests not on how the story has been retold, but where it is set and what we can think of a world where the Dark Force comes again and again. Good and Evil seem to exchange the wheel and go around and around, retelling similar stories with similar heroes and villains. The main characters genders and races might change, but the essence it’s still there. What is it that captivates us so much about a Universe where the Dark Side forever reappears? And in doing so, the Universe balances it finding the light to encounter it?

Imaginary worlds explain tons about our reality, even if it doesn’t look like that at first sight. We live in a binary world where gray scales are hard to achieve. Very much like computers with their 0 and 1, we also like to categorize things in simple terms. However, in having a binary thinking of this sort, we are but creating a kind of reality that might seem as doomed as the one of Star Wars: darkness will always come back.

star wars, star wars the force awakens, the force awakens, depepi,, geek anthropology, anthropology

So, if the Dark Side is there forever and darkness is coming back again and again; can then, hope exist? According to the Yin and Yan wheel, there is always a dark spot in the white part of the wheel. And so, there is always a white spot on the dark part of the wheel. If you remember, Darth Vader was a Sith and was the supreme master of the Dark Side. However, at his end, he decided to save his son. Thus, within the darkness, there is always light. We’ve seen as well that Luke had the potential for evil. Hence, within the light, there is always darkness.

But what are darkness and light but sides of the exact same thing? We can put it regarding dense and less dense energy. If we take a look at it in that way, we’ll discover that the binary system is just depicting the same thing, and in between an array of possibilities that we can take or not. The edges are always the easiest.

star wars, star wars the force awakens, the force awakens, depepi,, geek anthropology, anthropology

Each generation needs their new heroes. Retelling stories with slight differences is what we’ve been doing since myths appeared on the Earth. They help us understand our human nature and the world we live in. Star Wars Universe is a binary system in which light and darkness meet on a wheel in forever motion. Their Universe is a parallel of our own fears, hopes, and dreams in which we see darkness appearing again and yet again on the morning news.

Some people have argued that Kylo Ren’s emo status is a joke. But I argue that it’s a metaphor for our youth today: have we been too soft and condescending with our younger generations? Have we set the seeds for the Dark Side to come back in the future? Time will tell.

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