Funko Friday: Funko in the Wild – Pictures of Funko out and about!

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Another funny Funko Friday is here! This time, we’re talking about Funko in the wild, and we’re supposed to share some pictures of Pops out and about. I like to walk around with a Funko to take pictures, but lately I’m using the mini Funkos I have, specially Thor and Castiel. (Other two mini Funkos are on their way, by the way!) Mini Funkos are small and since they are also a key chain, it’s easy to have one wherever into your bag or hanging from your purse. You can take them wherever you want, and put them anywhere you want easily too. So, they’re awesome for pictures and walks! I’d love to walk around with Hook or Killian Jones, but I find that the mini ones are better. This won’t stop me from taking out the big ones from time to time! So far, here are some of my latest shots:

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Cas and Thor are obviously having a great time going to coffee shops with me! They basically live hanging from my bag. So, they are successful candidates to take a zillion shots.

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Since I don’t take sugar anymore, Thor keeps me at bay! Look! He is fighting agains a vast sea of sugar grains! He is too cute! Tiny, but cute.

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This Dalek was exterminating everyone when we were in a small coffee shop run by a happy old man. Oh! Dalek! You’re such a sociopath!

As you can see, I get lots of fun taking pictures of my Funkos. Recently I take out the minis because they’re more comfortable to walk with. But, what about you?

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