Fandom Friday: 5 Favorite Cupcakes

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This is a challenging Fandom Friday! Why? I stopped processed sugar intake 33 weeks ago. This means that I have no real favorite cupcakes at the moment. But, since women are cupcakes and men are cookies for me (yes, I call them that), I can share my five favorite cupcakes. I know, this is changing the topic a bit, but it makes more sense to me since sugar cupcakes are out of my life. Thus, let’s take a look at what I call cupcakes and how sweet I find them, shall we?

1. Emma Swan, the Savior Cupcake. (OUAT)

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Emma Swan, aka the Savior Cupcake, is an unusual one: depending on the day it can be sweet or bitter. If you are a piercing-eyed, smoldering pirate, you might find that it’s all sweets and peaches. If you’re an Evil Regal, you can find it bitter at times. This is, however, a cupcake for everyone. Sweet, bitter, tasty and nasty, it will save your day always. This is an irresistible cupcake. Beware, though: it creates addiction!

2. Lagertha, the Piercing Cupcake. (Vikings)

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This is a dangerous cupcake indeed. You never know how poisonous it will be and how many needles you’ll end up swallowing! However, its appeal it’s undeniable. With a strong flavor, not suited for the weak, the Lagertha cupcake will make your nights wild and your mornings rough. It’s best consumed in moderation. Too much of it and you’ll be singing war songs in the Valhalla.

3. Gamora, the Spicy Cupcake. (Guardians of the Galaxy)

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Prepare yourself for a spicy experience with Gamora, the Galaxy’s number one cupcake choice! Not suited for all tastes, this sensual and spicy cupcake can make you choke in less than a second. For better or worse, with this cupcake, you’ll end up seeing all the stars in the Galaxy. You never know how exactly: smashed or fancied.

4. Regina, aka The Evil Queen, The Ultimate Apple Cupcake (OUAT)

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If you love apples, be sure to taste the ultimate apple cupcake ever: the Evil Queen. It’s sexy, and it will give you her version of happy endings. You’re ensured to have an incredible night of sheet unfolding and sheer amounts of all things Apple. However, the mornings can be very rough if you don’t make Her Majesty happy. Beware of this Apple Cupcake, it can also provoke long-lasting sleep. [To wake up you’ll need a true love kiss… just saying.]

5. Agent Carter, aka the Value Cupcake (Marvel, Agent Carter)

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With this cupcake, you’ll discover your real value. It’s strong, sweet, sneaky and its strong flavor guarantees success with whatever you set yourself to do. Knowing your value is the primary ingredient of this astonishing and compelling Cupcake. There are no side effects of its ingestion, unless you’re a cookie and need a reminder that cupcakes can do whatever they want to do!

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