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We’re talking about OUAT again! This time it’s all about Once Upon a Time: Out of the Past, a comic book by Marvel based on the television series created by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz. I wanted this comic book since forever, and I must say that I have mixed feelings. I ordered it online and when I got it, it came wrapped. With excitement I proceeded to unwrap it. While the cover artwork is amazing, [SPOILERS] the artwork inside isn’t. The creators of the comic book are Kalinda Marie Vazquez (story & script), Corinna Bechko (script) and Janet K. Lee (cover art). There are four stories within the book: Dead in the Water (artowrk and colors by Pascal Campion), Truth and Daggers (artwork by Betsy Peterschmidt), Ghosts (artwork by Vanesa del Rey and colors by Esther Sanz); and the Tea Party in March (artwork and colors by Janet Lee). To tell you the truth, the artwork inside the comic book disappointed me a lot. The stories, however, are gold.

ouat, once upon a time, captain hook, killian jones, marvel, marvel comics, depepi, depepi.com

If you’re a Oncer, you might find all the stories compelling (specially the one of the Mad Hatter), but also you’ll find some more sense around Captain Hook. Hook is one of my favorite characters and I expected more from the artwork, especially because the cover depicts him in an amazing way. Even if the artwork of his story isn’t great, the script makes us understand him better. The same happens with the other stories. If you ignore the atwork, and just keep your mind into what is being told, then this comic book is a treasure! [Well, as a Oncer, this is a treasure regardless of the artwork, even if you only want the cover book and use it as a poster on your wall!]

Hook is Killian Jones in this story. So, you won’t see him with the Hook as a hand. The story brings glimpses on his personality before he was Hook and why he is so multilayered and emotional. You will also realize why he takes certain desitions and why he is so hard on himself on the show.

Rumbelle is a story about trust. We find Belle and Rumpelstilskin in his castle. Belle has moved in and is trying to do her job. And then an stranger appears, and Belle tries to help him. I won’t spoil it for you, but the story is all about trust between Rumbelle. It’s sweet and yet we can see the dynamics of the couple better.

In the third story we find Regina tricked by love. She was the Evil Queen, and quite ruthless, but deep down her there was still hope for love. In this story you’ll realize that she was more than just an Evil Queen wanting revenge on Snow. Why she is doing what she is doing is a consequence of her feelings as well. And we can see it well in this story.

My favorite story, however, it’s the last one: the Mad Hatter’s love story. Jefferson is a sweet guy and has a cool family. Jefferson and his wife are thieves, and they fall in love with each other madly. Then they have a very sweet daughter, and live in a nice house. And then something happens that shatters everything. It’s a sad story, but it brings depth to the story of the Mad Hatter! Plus the artwork is the best in the whole book.

ouat, once upon a time, captain hook, killian jones, marvel, marvel comics, depepi, depepi.com

If you’re a Oncer, you’re going to love the stories in the book. Marvel could have done it better choosing different people for the artwork, or asking just an artist to create it all (and I’m talking about who made the cover artwork, by the way). This is a must-have comic book if you are hooked up with OUAT. Stories bring depth to the characters that we already know, while they give us glimpses on why they do what they do in the fashion they do it. Once Upon a Time: Out of the Past is for you if you love Hook, Rumbelle, the Evil Queen or liked the Mad Hatter. Give it a go!

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