Funko Friday: that show that made me want all its Funkos

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Another super interesting Funko Friday is here! This time, I’m supposed to talk about that show that made me want all its Funkos. If you’ve been reading me, you already know what show made it happen. It was quite involuntary, but at the end this is the finished collection of Funkos I own! It’s not Star Trek; it’s Once Upon a Time! (Let’s play the drum for a while, please.) As you know, I’m a Trekker to the bone. But my Star Trek TNG collection has two Funkos missing (a Borg Locutus, and a Klingon). I tend to be quite eclectic, and so I tend to collect only those Funkos that tune with me, and this means that I had no finished collection whatsoever. Till now! I got as a present an unexpected Funko: Charming. So, this forced me to have a Snow. Captain Charming is appealing, but I’m afraid that I am a Captain Swan shipper, so I had to pair Charming with someone else: Snow.

And before I keep talking about the ins and outs on how I got my first complete Pop collection, let’s appreciate the evil one who made me start it in the first place. Oh, such mischief! [So, yeah… blame not the show but Hook for all the deeds!]

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So, once I got Charming, I set myself up to get his Snow. I needed Snowing on my working desk too. And I thought it wouldn’t be difficult… but it was! Snow seems to be quite a favorite character, and so her Pop was hard to find! (I ended up buying her online.)

Blame Hook for the addiction. I got Hooked by Killian Jones in a heartbeat, and I had to have his Pop. Then I thought that it would be cool to have Captain Swan. Mainly because I got Captain Swaned! So I got his beautiful love. But the thing wouldn’t be completed without Regina. So, yeah… Captain Swan Queen was on the table. And then came Rumple to spice things up. At this point, I thought I would be finished, but I discovered the variant version of Killian Jones. And I got it! While this happened, I was binge-watching OUAT and having a heart attack because Emma and Killian were the Dark Ones… and… you know what happened.

Let me pause here for a bit…

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And so, because in a low mood because of Hook going to the Underworld like a hero, my sweetpot gave me Charming! And so, I started the hunt for Snow.

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After searching for her virtually everywhere, I ended up on Amazon! She is a sneaky one! And so, with her, I had completed my first Funko Pop collection ever! So, OUAT has the honor to be the only completed Pop collection in my possession. [And this also means that if they release more Pops, I’ll be collecting them!]

And here it is! The full collection:

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Aren’t they cute!?? If you take a closer look, you’ll notice three villains there! Captain Swan and Snowing can be considered heroes, all of them! Hook has evolved from villain to antihero to hero. But the variant version is Killian Jones, the sassy villain. So we can consider that Killian, the Evil Queen and Rumple are the evil Pops of the collection.

What do you think???

I leave this here… just for your entertainment :p

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