Fandom Characters: Tony Stark aka Ironman

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Fandom characters explain a lot about ourselves, even if sometimes we cannot see it right away. Tony Stark aka Ironman is one of those characters that kept me thinking for a long while. Why do I like him if apparently we share very little in common? He is a genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist and I’m far away from being a genius with machines, a billionaire, a playboy philanthropist. If we take a closer look at Tony Stark, we realize that he is a guy difficult to live with. He is damn eccentric, weird and has a very dominant personality. Let’s be real here: he ‘s hard to deal with and how he defines social roles, like friendship, is quite unique. So, we could say that he has a very particular personality that makes him a difficult person with a great heart. There, I said it!

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Tony’s personality is explosive and challenging. He likes to throw up parties as much as to hide into his working space during weeks no end when he is inspired or needs to recharge batteries for whatever reason. He’s charming and alluring, but he is also a pain in the ass when he is annoyed. He is eccentric, has certain ideas that aren’t shared by the rest of the world and is sometimes too confident about himself. Despite this mixture, the guy is quite friendly and most people like to be around him (unless you’re Captain America… or at least, this is what we’ll see during Civil War).

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So, what does this character explain about me? What does he share with me? Well, for starters: I’m quite an eccentric being myself. Even if I don’t like to admit it (OMG, I am doing it now), I am quite a piece of eccentricity and weirdness. It’s difficult to live with me. Seriously. At times, I am eager to throw the parties of the century, and the next I’m closed like a cavewoman because I don’t want to be disturbed… ever! I am in constant need to check my schedule because I simply don’t have a Pepper Pots to remind me of what I need to do. Plus my ideas of relationships are not mainstream. Say yay to the Tony Stark connection!

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I also share a weird sense of doing presents with him. Remember the giant teddy bear he gives as a gift to Pepper? Well, I might have done something like that with my love, only not that on that scale. I am sure that if I were a billionare I would end up doing something of the sort. Only not a Teddy Bear: a giant replica of the Death Star would be more like it. Or perhaps a replica of the Enterprise, to a human scale, and almost functional so you can throw parties in there. I like to give presents because I love the reaction of people on their faces, only that sometimes what I give is weird and their reaction is quite interesting.

So, why do I love Tony Stark? Because he is a hell of a weird geek, who doesn’t give a damn about what other people think!

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