Let’s be positive, like Spidey!

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There is a Superhero that knows the benefits of being positive: Spidey! Spiderman is the ultimate positivist who can joke even during dark times. It’s the sense of being positive of Spiderman that makes Peter Parker be able to endure what he does. So, what does Spidey teach us all about life? What is the ultimate message of Spidey to us?

You might already know his origin story: a radioactive spider bites Peter Parker and he becomes a Superhero. He is a teenager and at firs he has no clue what to do with his Superpowers besides amusing himself. But soon, a fatal decision with a criminal makes him realize that “with great power comes great responsibility.” This geek guy who has problems of socializing at school finds the spark he needs to unleash his real self in taking responsibility in his alter ego, Spiderman: an intelligent, quick, strong and positive chap.

Peter Parker takes every single opportunity he has to shine. But he doesn’t do it as Parker but as Spidey. Where Parker fails, Spidey succeeds. Remember that, as Parker, he loses the girl, but as Spidey he gets her! So, what does give Spidey to Parker that makes him happy despite all the dramas that unfold around him? What makes him be the Superhero we love so much?

His strength of character.

positive psychology, superheroes, spidey, spiderman, marvel, marvel comics, depepi, depepi.com

Imagine you’re a teenager and that you suddenly become the Superhero of your dreams. Or even now, whatever your age, what stuff would you do? For starters, your self-esteem would rocket. Now you feel free to do things as your Superhero alter-ego that you thought you couldn’t as yourself. By repeatedly working as a Superhero, in no time, you’ll feel more strong, more courageous and, even more, persistent!

Every person has different character strengths that allow your personality to shine and feel happier when used again and again. Like Spidey, the more you use those, the happier you get. Yes! It seems that we all have superpowers that are not aware of and that we could be using on a daily basis! [Interested in knowing yours? Do the test of Peterson and Seligman and discover them out!]


positive psychology, superheroes, spidey, spiderman, marvel, marvel comics, depepi, depepi.com

Spidey is well known for his sense of humor. He deals with hard times with his sharp and witty humor. Even when fighting terrifying villains, he can make us laugh. Because he can do so, to be humorous in dark times, we are left in awe. This feeling of awe is what makes us feel good because Spidey did something amazing by being humorous in a time that most people would be crying or experiencing huge amounts of fear.

Being able to share a laugh with someone when times are dark is a quality that can be mastered. In fact, humor not only makes us feel better, but it also makes us release tensions and being able to cope better with certain situations.


Spidey has mastered hope to a new degree: not only he is confident of his capabilities, but he also hopes he’ll do better. Even when he is trapped and there’s no way out, he hopes that there will be a solution. And this hope is what makes him think out of the box! So, by hoping something he is creating a door to make things happen, which in turn gives him more self-confidence.


So, what is Spidey telling us? He tells us that everyone has hidden Superpowers, strengths, that we can use on a daily basis. By knowing them, and using them, we can be happy, make others more comfortable, and be able to face adversity with a great set of tools that will make things easier.

Read more about the “positive psychlogy of Peter Parker” by Robert Biswas-Diener in The Psychology of Superheroes : An Unauthorized Exploration.

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