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What I’ve been watching this weekend are a lot of Superheroes!! Although I’ve been super busy and I was quite stressed, I used to switch off the button during the weekend and saw some Superhero movies! Yay! Superhero movies are a way to scape stress for me. So, which movies did I watch this weekend that helped me having fun and a lot of release? THOR and Ant-Man!

1. Ant-Man!

This is a movie I loved to the bone! It’s funny, interesting and compelling! I love the part in which he says “my days of breaking into places and stealing stuff are over; what do you want me to do?” And then Pimp just answers: “I want you to break into a place and steal some stuff.” It’s jus hilarious! In fact, Ant-Man has some pretty cool and funny moments. Even when he is fighting, things tend to be funny! It’s just a question of perspective. Do you want a giant ant instead of a dog? Ant-Man will make that possible for you! Want a giant toy train popping out of your home? No problem! We’ve got that too! If you haven’t seen the movie yet: do it! It’s fun!

What I love the most of the movie is the fighting scenes in Ant-Man’s kid’s bedroom. I know, it’s messed up. But when he and the villain are fighting is just hilarious how much perspective can change!! It’s a visual reminder that sometimes, things that seem huge for us, like those massive problems out there, might be really tiny! So, even this movie makes you think about changing perspective when taking a look at your surroundings! Well done Marvel!

2. THOR. Yup, again!

As you know, I’ve started a crazy project for the year of the Monkey: Loki Year 2016. And the first thing we’ve done is to take another look at THOR, so we can explore Loki at its fullest. Each LOKIsday (Saturday), we’ll be using Marvel movies, books and graphic novels to explore the personality and myths surrounding Loki. If you want to join the fun, just check this blog every LOKIsday. We’ve started watching a cool movie. I suggest you do it too! It’s fun! Let’s enjoy Loki’s pole dancing during the final fight at the end of the movie!

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