Things I love LOKIsday Vol. 11

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Welcome to the first things I love LOKIsday of 2016!! It’s been a while since the last time I could share with you all the goodness I’ve been enjoying during the week. I’ve been so busy that I had almost no time whatsoever during the weekend! But now I’ve recovered, and I can share with you all the naughty stuff that I’ve seen during the week. Yes! You read the word correctly: naughty!

1. Cumberbatch explains sex as playing the violin. He must have Spanish ancestors because guys play the guitar when they are talking about sex in Spain.

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I think that Mr. Cumberbatch might have had more than one vacation in Spain because playing the violin and playing the guitar are quite close. Both instruments have a particular shape, and both can be used to describe the body of a woman. Granted: playing the violin is more stylish than going up and down with an electric guitar. I’ve read quite some dirty descriptions of what sex is, but the master of penguin miss-pronunciation has nailed it as the naughtiest, more stylish and hotest ever. Want to read all the words he said? Go here and prepare for your ovaries exploding all over the place.

2. I need more about Killian Jones… The sweet pain of being Hooked to the bone!

Surprise, surprise! I’m writing a chapter into my new book about Hook. This happens when I need more of a character and leave me waiting for yonks to get more of him! I’ve been writing more and more since I published my book on Loki. If you want some inspiration out there to write and create, I highly suggest you look into your favorite fandoms. You’ll find it at light speed!

3. Deadpool is King! I can’t wait for this movie!

If you have a naughty list, you might have Deadpool, and you have no clue about it. This is the ultimate movie of the final crazy Superhero. Do you like chimichangas? Well, then you’ll need more about Deadpool. I saw the new trailer this week (I know, late, very late), and I need to watch it as soon as possible! It’s Deadpool, dammit!

Honorable mention: 10 Women Who Kept Shaving Despite Impending Doom

This video made me realize that while men during a catastrophe or being LOST in an island (I’m thinking about you Tom Hanks!) can grow the hair on their armpits, women mysteriously shave out of nowhere! Hello, Hollywood double standards!! So, while you’re chased by zombies, almost assassinated by a dystopian government, or almost choked by a mystery smoke you have razors to shave and be a Goddess. I didn’t know there were beauty salons in Armaggedon-like scenarios! [Unless, everyone is doing massive laser-killing hairdos…]

The rest of the world celebrates things I love Thursday. I do it on Lokisday.

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