Fandom Friday: 5 Ways My Fannish Self Grew in 2015

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Welcome to a great Fandom Friday! We start the first Fandom Friday of 2016 talking about five ways “my fannish self” grew in 2015. I know that we’re supposed to talk about how we grew or changed during last year, but I decided to blend the topic a little bit and tell how the fangirl in me expanded her fannish Universe. So, let’s start this 2016 fangirling about all the fannish goodness that extended in 2015!

1. I finished and published Geek Anthropology of Loki’s Army!! Yay!

After a long time working on the project, I could finally finish it in 2015 and publish a book dedicated to Loki and his fandom. Geek Anthropology of Loki’s Army talks about all things Loki: from his personality to what fans do to cherish their favorite character. Loki is one of my favorite characters. I had so much fun researching him and discovering tons about him and the fandom. This is the best fannish event in 2015 for me. Let’s get Loki!

2. I got Hooked.

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And when I thought I couldn’t add anyone else to my list of favorite characters for life, then it happened. 2015 is the year I turned out to be a Oncer and a Hooker. I know, late, quite late. But, better late than never. Thanks to Hook I explored my persistent side and remembered all those times I was a little bit too persistent and pirate-like. [And yes, never think you won’t get into a new fandom… ever! It will happen again, and again, and again!]

3. I boomed with Jessica Jones!

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Jessica Jones is a gorgeous and beautiful dark surprise. This Superhero is a great survivor who sets up high states and mirrors for many people. I must admit that the villain made me have nightmares. However, the show won my heart. Exploring the characters of Jessica Jones was a pleasure, but also a hard thing to do, specially because they’re so real. Even in her lowest, Jessica owns it and keeps fighting.

4. AKF: Always Keep Fighting x Be Kind!

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Jared Padalecki is making an excellent job in creating awareness for mental illnesses. But, his message is more than that, and I think it rings for absolutely everyone: whatever happens, always keep fighting. Discovering his campaign was great, and his message is that of hope and great power.

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Misha Collins also reminds us to be kind. Random Acts of Kindness are a good way to put positive energy into this world and make it a better place. They can be really simple acts that can make somebody’s day! So, the messages of these two guys of Supernatural are a great reminder of what being human should be: help one another, keep fighting while also being kind.

5. Oh! And I love to be weird!

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2015 is the year of acknowledging that I am a super geek and that I love it. Let’s be clear, I love to be weird. I own it; I share it with the world, and I enjoy it to the bone! It’s in my nature. I’m like that. So, sorry not sorry! I’ll keep being myself during 2016.

So, what about you guys? How did your fannish self grow during 2015? Let me know in comments.

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