Fandom Characters: Killian Jones aka Captain Hook

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Fandom characters explain a lot about ourselves, and no other than Killian Jones aka Captain Hook would explain some part of my personality as perfectly as he does. From the moment I saw him on the screen, I knew I was hooked. But why? What does this pirate say about me? What is he screaming so loudly that I got hooked on light speed? PERSISTENCE. This piercing-eyed smoldering pirate is extremely persistent, for good and evil. When he decides to pursue something or someone he does it with all his heart: with all his love or with all his hatred. He spent 200+ years after the damn crocodile for his revenge, doing whatever he had to so that he could avenge his double loss: his love and his hand. But we’ve also seen him being extremely persistent for a good thing: to win the heart of his love Emma Swan. For good and evil, Hook is a man of his word, a persistent being who will try to accomplish what he set his heart to do whatever happens. Guess who does that too. Exactly: Yours Truly.

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We meet Hook being a sneaky, cocky and sexy villain. As the time elapses he decides to be a better man for his love the Savior. However, despite being better, he still has that spark of darkness that made him the man he is: a pirate. Being a pirate means to know how to be sneaky, to know when to strike and to dare to take risks. He displays his personality all over only caring about one opinion in the entire Universe: the person who is most important to him, his love. As you can see, this man will do whatever it takes to accomplish what he has set into his mind: evil deeds for revenge, good deeds for love.

So, did I spent 200+ years pursuing my revenge? [I should be a vampire!] Did I knock on the door of my Swan? Well, I didn’t spend 200+ years seeking revenge, but I did spend 10+ years pursuing living in Japan. Oh yes! You read that correctly! 10+ years saying to all my family and friends that one day I would make it happen: “I will live in Tokyo, wait and watch me!” [I say 10+ years because I cannot really remember when I started with that tune! Imagine my poor parents listening to me for years and years and years…]

killian jones, ouat, once upon a time, captain hook, hookers, oncers, hooker, depepi,
killian jones, ouat, once upon a time, captain hook, hookers, oncers, hooker, depepi,

Hook looted the seven seas, and I copied books to learn Japanese. I am talking about a time where the internet was but fiction and when you had to move your butt and go to look for copies of the book from I-don’t-know-who in a pirate style to a University at the edges of the known teenage world, and then you had to own the adventure. [Picture a kid moving hell on earth to find the materials to learn Japanese.] And I made it! Yes, I started learning Japanese on my own. Have I mentioned how persistent I can be? And if people around me thought I would stop after so many difficulties, I proved all of them wrong. Years later I made it, and I went to Japan (aged 24!)

If you take a closer look to Hook you’ll notice that he has some points in connection with Loki: he is sassy, he knows he is sexy and uses it, and teases people all the time. Plus, Hook, oh-Hook, does those fantastic puppy eyes, that both tease you, alure you and test you to the point of wanting to taste him. And guess who does that when she is in a villain-playful mood? Correct again! Yours Truly.

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Be careful in voicing out loud all about your favorite characters, you’re giving pieces of your personality away. But, let me tease you, in a Hook-like manner: I dare you! Confess, oh crocodile!

I confess that I love:

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