Things I love LOKIsday Vol. 10

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Rejoice! It’s LOKIsday!! This week has been too busy. I was hoping to be able to read my favorite blogs and then write some posts peacefully, but instead, I’m on a terrible delay. Despite my anxiety levels going up, there have been some cool things happening this week that made my mood better. I decided to rock my Japanese-style Star Wars dress with a cute Darth Vader on it and own the moment. I also got some new pops in the mailbox and… well… read the post and discover what’s up with the extra pops!

1. Rocking the Darthy Sweet Style and owning the moment.

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And this is how I got to take a morning coffee to one of my favorite coffee shops. At this point, I think that they want to see what I wear next… I am the geekiest customer going there to taste their strong coffee. [I know because one waiter told me.] So, since this was the day Star Wars was on the big screen after so long, I thought it was appropriate. Too bad I won’t be able to go to the cinema till the end of January! [Let me hide under a rock. I’m trying to ignore the spoilers!]

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So, yes! Darth Vader can also be super cute and sweet. The final proof is this dress! [This is a dress from Her Universe, another of my favorite geeky brands.]

2. Funko Killian Jones and Rumplestiltskin joined the party.

And now you can discover why I needed Captain Hook Funko, the variant Killian Jones, and Rumplestiltskin… I needed to take pics like these:

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Killian: Oh you bloody cocodrile! I won’t give you the magic bean! You can rot and come where you came from!
Rumple: If you don’t give it to me you’ll suffer the consecuences!

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Oh, these geeky fangirls that buy all these Funkos to take pictures and make voices when taking the pics! [Bloody cocodrile is super green and creepy, by the way.]

3. Stan Lee rocks, so he needs to make Funko cameos as well!

This is someting that I expected for Xmas, but the mail got home one week in advance! And I love it! I love when Stan Lee makes his cameos in superhero movies. Could you imagine him in Funko shape and doing Funko cameos alongside other Funko superheroes? Well… I can!

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This is the Super Stan Lee pop, and it’s one of the best pops that I own! Not because he might be detailed, but because it’s frigging Stan Lee’s superhero pop! [If you’re a Marvelite like me you know that this is a must-have in your collection! It’s frigging Stan Lee!!] So, yes, I’ve been extreme-fangirling over Super Stan Lee Pop during this week. And it felt so good!

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The rest of the world celebrates things I love Thursday. I do it on Lokisday.

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