Funko Friday: If I Were a Funko – What would you look like?

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Welcome to another Funko Friday! And, it’s late again! Let’s imagine: if I were a Funko, what would I look like? Funko has done a great job for me already! Do you know Amy Farrah Fowler from the Big Bang Theory? Well, the Funko looks close enough to me. In fact, I use her along with Mr. Spock to talk about me and my Vulcan. [It’s a section of my blog where I talk about how my High-functioning Autistic cookie has to deal with a Neurotypical crazy geek like me. If you don’t know about autism, you can read a bit to discover it if you want.]

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However, if I had to be a Funko, I would be rocking a Captain America tee, jeans, and leather jacket. And yeah, I wear glasses, I need those too. [Thanks to Kimi Who I got this gorgeous image of me as a Funko! Thank you Kimi!] I have lots of geeky tees, geeky dresses, and tons of jeans. For the most part, I am a jeans x beanie girl, but I also like to rock some dresses (with jeans!) So, this Funko image would be the closest to me (only that I will have more blue highlights on my hair soon!)

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It would be wonderful if Funko gave us the option to be able to personalize Funkos to our own image. I know, it would be crazy expensive would I would love to have it! With a geeky tee, of course!

Want to take part in Funko Fridays? Don’t miss the opportunity! Click here and discover who started all this Funko madness and how to join the party!

funko, funko pop, funko friday, depepi,

[Note: this banner rocks!! I love that we’re Funkos here!]

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