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Comics THORsday is showing off today a lot reading Loki Agent of Asgard #5. In this issue not only we’ll discover the bogus relationship between magic and science that exists in the Marvel Universe, but we’ll also take a look at Loki’s shapeshifting abilities. He is a clever, cheeky, sassy Asgardian, who doesn’t shy away from showing who he is. However, he is hiding a secret, a secret that his older self will take advantage of as we’ll start to figure out in this issue. But first, let’s remember something about this comic: it presents us with Geeks and Jocks. Or, at least, the stereotypes that we’re used to, but with a hunch. The Jock, Thor, has already realized he was a pain to deal with the Geeky Loki when they were younger. But, can we find something else here? I’ll give you the first hint:

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(C) Marvel, Loki Agent of Asgard #5

Take a closer look at this because it’s really important. The God of Lies and Verity, a lie detector machine, are working together on a mission. While Loki embodies what would be the cool geek in our society, Verity embodies what the cool geek girl would be as well. [Notice those gorgeous tattoos she has on her arm!]

But, please, take a closer look still: magic working along with technology! Within the Marvel Universe, there’s a weird relationship between magic and technology, a bogus one. Magic is just unknown technology. So, what as readers might consider as plain magic, we’re told that might be technology. This ideology just confirms further Loki’s status as the Geek of Asgard. [Remember this relationship in the future when you read other Marvel Comics. You’ll find out super intersting things!]

loki, loki aoa, loki agent of asgard, loki's army, depepi,, marvel, marvel comics
(C) Marvel, Loki Agent of Asgard #5

We’ll find this page within this issue. It’s a masterpiece confirming further that Thor is a Jock. There are other examples throughout the comics that point out at Thor being a Jock and Loki being a Geek. Their struggles come from being a Super-God-Jock and a Super-God-Geek that resent and love each other in equal parts. Thor looks like a quarterback: his shoulders are massive, his hands and huge, and he tends to need simple explanations to understand things. [That, and beer.] On the other hand, Loki is slender, uses more vocabulary, and sometimes gets anoyed when Thor doesn’t understand him. [Sounds familiar?]

Please pay attention on how the relationship between these two is evolving issue by issue. Also, remember that Thor needs things to be as simple as possible for him to grasp the whole picture. He is very touchy and gets angry pretty easily. He also knows how to forgive, but till he arrives at that point, he has thrown a tantrum of epic proportions!

loki, loki aoa, loki agent of asgard, loki's army, depepi,, marvel, marvel comics
(C) Marvel, Loki Agent of Asgard #5

You’ll also see this: Loki showing off. He likes it, and he owns it! He shapeshifts into a young woman, but then he decides to be a fox? Do you know any other fox that likes color green and goes around stealing stuff to share it with the poor? Remember: Loki is the Agent of Asgard here. He is dressed in green and uses his intellect in a foxy way to get what he wants. So, does the character ring any bell? Okay, I’ll give you a hint:

Know that Fox now? Remember that Marvel is Disney after all. This is Disney’s Robin Hood, the Fox, heavily influenced by Reynard the Fox. In the end, they are depicting the trickster who always wins in the end!

loki, loki aoa, loki agent of asgard, loki's army, depepi,, marvel, marvel comics
(C) Marvel, Loki Agent of Asgard #5

And at the end of the comic, Old Loki teases our Loki about a crime that cannot be forgiven. If you have read other comics from Marvel, you know what’s about. But if not, let’s say that you don’t really need to know what he did for understanding this comic. [We’ll know pretty soon what’s all about.] Also, pay attention to what Old Loki says throughout this issue and all the menaces that he throws at Young Loki. He is a spooky one!

Plus, this issue tells us to read Original Sin! So, what’s up here?

loki, loki aoa, loki agent of asgard, loki's army, depepi,, marvel, marvel comics, tenth realm, thor and loki, thor & loki
(C) Marvel, Original Sin: Thor & Loki, the Tenth Realm

Between this issue and the next, there is an extra story: Original Sin, Thor & Loki the Tenth Realm. In here, Marvel will tell us some more about Loki and Thor. Important things about Asgard. Do you need to read it to understand Loki Agent of Asgard? Not really, but the whole story is better when you read this graphic novel as well. Cool point: it’s only one graphic novel. So, next time, I’ll be covering next Loki AoA issue and Original Sin.

I hope that you have a happy reading, and you enjoy the comics as much as I do!

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