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Another book reading list is here! This time about books on comics. Since today it’s comics THORsday, it fits the topic perfectly. Here I list six of my favorite books that explain about comics and superheroes. Comics are a medium to explore geek anthropology and human nature. They are also perfect to ask philosophical questions and to sit down superheroes on a couch. What makes comics so compelling? Why are Superheroes so amazing? Let’s discover some of the books that tell us about this world! Maybe you’ll find one you love.

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The Power of Comics : History, Form and Culture is a reference book that all comic book fans should read. It has everything: history, the medium explained, process, fandom… This is a little jewel within comic book studies! I have two editions, the first one, and also this one. I always recommend the latest version, but if you want, and if you are as geeky as I am, you can have both.

Comic Books and American Cultural History : An Anthology is a collection of essays to understand American history. There is a connection between comics and history in the US. This book enlightens things up and brings you a new perspective on comics. Comics are pop culture media that shows up what’s going on at a given time. Want to know more? Read this book!

Comic Book Nation : The Transformation of Youth Culture in America talks about American pop culture and history. It’s another history book, but the perspective is different from the previous one. Reading both makes you have a quite good picture on how comic books are hiding a great history within them.

comics thorsday, thorsday, books on comics, comic books, depepi,

The Psychology of Superheroes : An Unauthorized Exploration is treasure! I can’t have enough with this book! Not only it’s a good read, it also helps you exploring yourself while exploring superheroes! This goes beyond puting superheroes on a coach, it looks through you! [I started reading this book and I couldn’t put it down! I am currently reading it again just to make sure I didn’t miss anything!]

The Avengers and Philosophy : Earth’s Mightiest Thinkers is another jewel. This time we are making some phylosophical questions and using the Avengers to answer them. Can a reformed criminal be a superhero? This book makes you think in quite a different way while it makes you question yourself as well.

Supergods : Our World in the Age of the Superhero talks about archetypes. Are Superheroes modern Gods? If so, what does this mean? As a modern society we need our myths, very much like ancient Greeks. Our heroes wear spandex, though. Another amusing take on Superhero comics and movies. [A clever book.]

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