Things I love LOKIsday Vol. 8

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Welcome to things I love LOKIsday again!! This week has been busy again. It’s has been a little bit challenging because I really wanted to read all my favorite blogs and I’m in a terrible delay! Again I see myself trying to catch up during the weekend. Despite all the busy days, I had some time to take a coffee with a friend. We had a great time despite being really short. This week we also had Black Friday and I could finally take my We Love Fine Star Trek cardigan. (I couldn’t resist it. It was too good as to ignore it!) Was there more? Yup!

1. I got a super cool postcard, Star Wars stickers, and Japanese food!

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A Japanese friend sent me this super cool parcel plenty of Xmas presents (mostly Japanese food), and Star Wars stickers! They’re so cool! (The geek in me is pleased!) And also a beautiful Japanese New Year postcard with the Fuji on it and a very warm message in it. You cannot imagine how happy it made me!

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I love Japanese postcards! Specially those for special occasions, like New Year or summer time. This one is cool!

2. Killian Jones and Rumpelstiltskin’s duel is happening!

Dark Hook proposes a duel to Rumpel in this sneak peak. This is exciting! I know, it’s cruel, but it’s also fun. I don’t think the writers are going to kill two of the most beloved characters in the show, but since they hate each other, and since now Hook is the Dark One, it’ll be fun to see what will happen. [Oh, fangirls, how we love to suffer with shows and favorite characters!]

3. Which side are you on?

And more feels ahead! Marvel’s Civil War is happening soon, and the teaser trailer just made a friend of mine a super fangirl of the Winter Soldier. So, now I now is on my side. [Insert mischievous laughs here.] I am already plotting the outfit to go to the cinema: my gorgeous We Love Fine Captain America’s sweater. And lots of tissues. Just because I also happen to like Iron Man. Damn you Marvel! We’re won’t be able to manage all the feels!

Have a Mischievous LOKIsday!

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