Funko Friday: Why Do You Collect Funko?

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And here we’re again with another Funko Friday. And this time the topic is hard: why do you collect Funko? Good question. Good question indeed. Why do I collect Funko? Because they’re cute? It might seem distressing, but the only answer that I come with is that Loki made me do it and that they’re too cute! I do not collect all Funko, and even if I love a fandom a lot, if I don’t like the Funko they’ve made, I won’t buy it. So, as a collector I’m a tricky one. I must be moved by the character, or there has to be some chemistry there to the pop make it on my working desk. [Yes, my working desk has all the Funko! On the books, around the computer… I know… I couldn’t be geekier!] But why are these figurines so tempting for me?

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Because I ship them. Some people read fanfic, other people, like me, ship Funkos. For the most part, they all have their partners. I usually buy them by couples. But, since my desk is a funny place, sometimes ships happen. How would you name the ship of Sharpe and Hook? SharpHook? Thollion? [Sometimes the cutest things are the most dangerous ones and can make you imagine stuff… ~clears throat~]

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And because I love to take pictures of them. It’s pretty silly, but I like to go out with a pair of Funkos and take silly pictures. Most of them won’t make it to Instagram or anywhere. It’s just fun to spend some time making people feel uncomfortable in the coffee shop because a grownup woman is taking pictures of toys! [Insert evil laugh here.]

So, sometimes, while I take coffee I entertain myself taking pictures to pops and making others feel weird. My kind of sport! No kidding, taking pictures of pops in public spaces where you break the social rule of grownup alone does not play with toys seems to put people on the edge. I feel that if we all did things like this, the inner child of everyone would be healthy and happy!! Do you have a Funko you love? Have a date with it and take some coffee!

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[By the way, how would you name the ship of Edith Cushing and Emma Swan? This one is tricky!]

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