Things I love LOKIsday Vol. 7

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Guess what? It’s LOKIsday! I cannot get rid from the “busy week” mantra, or so it seems, at least during these last few weeks. It’s forced me to read my favorite blogs during weekends, and it frustrates me because I want to know what’s up every day. I just hope that next week will be different, and I’ll be able to do things on time. But, not all things have been this way this week. There are some cool news to extreme fangirl over and let the Universe crash with my screams! Remember last week’s things I love LOKIsday vol.6 where I shared a pic in which I have a gorgeous Captain America sweater? Well, keep reading!!!

1. I’ve been featured on We Love Fine‘s webpage [and I need to tell the whole world!!!]

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I think I cannot fangirl harder about this! One week after getting the best Captain America sweater out there I got featured in my favorite geek shop! How cool is that? [The pic was taken a day I slept just a few, felt like a zombie, and by a friend who is shorter than me! The pic of doom has been featured!! And I am loving it!] I’ve never been featured in this way anywhere, so I have to share it with the entire Universe! [Not that the Universe will care, but I have to share it anyway.]

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Let’s take a closer look at it! It looks cool! [This was a super ego bust in a week I had so few time!]

2. I also got featured on Her Geekery’s blog!!

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Following the ego busting of the week, fellow blogger and excellent writer Her Geekery has featured me along with Ravalation on her blog. She has written nice words about this blog, the book I wrote about Loki and me. You cannot imagine how happy I am to be part of the blogosphere and be able to contribute with positive vibes to it. [Let me extreme fangirl over this! I’ve been featured twice this week! Happy belly dance!]

3. When sound is social currency [this video blew my mind!]

We take for granted many things in our daily lives. One of them is sound. When sound is gone, what type of culture do you create? What type of social currency do you use? If you do not hear a sound, nor produce it, how are you to have social currency with others? Take a look at his video, it makes you think of how many worlds are existing on this planet, how many cultures within a culture, and how we take for granted too many things.

Have a Mischievous LOKIsday!

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