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Comics THORsday tells old myths today. We’re reading Loki Agent of Asgard #3, and it’s all about legends and myths! We’re going to encounter an old myth called “the Otter’s Ransom” within this number, only that it’s told in a different fashion by Marvel. It’s not the first time that Marvel fishes from the Norse Myths to follow up with the stories of Loki and Thor in the comics. However, these are only inspiration, and even if they ring a bell different things happen. As you’ll read in the comics, Old Loki goes to the past to meet a young Odin to set in motion a plan that will bear fruits in the future. While in the past, Loki kills an otter with a stone and they eat it and use its skin to make themselves clothing. Then, he messes things up and ends up killing a monster with, yes, a bazooka! [A part that made me laugh quite hard because this Old Loki is just too crazy and nuts as to use a simple knife. He is cooler than anyone else, so he needs a frigging bazooka.]

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(C) Marvel, Loki Agent of Asgard #3

Loki carries a small bag and from it takes a huge bazooka! Do you know who Doraemon is? It’s like manga has meet Marvel at last somehow. Doraemon is a cat who takes impossible things from his pocket! Loki does the same, but he takes impossible things from his bag. And they are not really innocent.

In the real myth, Loki is not alone with a young Odin. In fact, we find out that it’s an old Odin, Loki, and Hoenir who go for a walk around Midgard. Hunting for food, Loki kills an otter with a stone, and they all use the skin. It turns out that the Otter is the son of Hreidmar, who had two other sons. They agreed to be paid by a compensation in gold, which Loki in the myths provided by coercing a dwarf. [Nope, there were no bazookas at that time.]

(C) Marvel, Loki Agent of Asgard #3
(C) Marvel, Loki Agent of Asgard #3

There’s something very important in this number: these scroll-like captions. Someone is explaining to us a story, the one with Old Loki going to the past and setting in motion certain things. Now, we’re to decide who is the narrator here, because this is going to lead us to understand events in one manner or another. I will not spoil this for you since I’ve already read all the issues and I know the end. [I would be plain evil if I did.] So, we have five different captions so far:

  1. The ones in green with yellowish letters from issue #1: young Loki’s thoughts.
  2. The black ones with white lettering from issue #1: setting the time when things happen into the comic, and telling us things. These can be considered as the narrator, the one who is producing the comic.
  3. The scrolls. They really appeared from issue #2, but in issue #3 there are lots of them. These hide another narrator. Who is it? The same Loki from the green with yellowish lettering captions, or a new one? Or another narrator within the story? [You have to decide.]
  4. White captions with some green and yellowish extra, from issue #2: these are young Loki’s explanations.
  5. White captions with some purple extra, from issue #2: these are the thoughts and explanations of Verity.

[I gave you a lot of clues here!]

loki, loki's army, loki agent of asgard, marvel, marvel comics, depepi,
(C) Marvel, Loki Agent of Asgard #3

We’ll also find that a magpie talks in green. That’s Old Loki. And why a magpie? For that you’ll need to read Marvel’s Young Avengers, where kid Loki has a pet, a magpie. [I will not explain the contents, because then, what fun is to read it?]

So, what have we discovered so far? Old Loki is a badass trickster with a taste for new things like bazookas. A weird thing since the old version of Loki is supposed to be quite old fashioned. [Another hint here!] He goes back in time to set in motion things he needs to happen for getting results in the present. We’ve also discovered that there might be more than one narrator in captions. Now the question is to decide who it might be!

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