Things I love LOKIsday Vol. 6

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Love LOKIsday is here again!! Again a busy week, and, unfortunately, a shocking week. Our thoughts are with Paris and France as a whole. With love and doing the things that we love most is what we need to do. This week I’ve been busy, but I had a great surprise. I got my Captain America sweater from We Love Fine! I am in love with tall the designs on the web page! I want them all! However, Marvel Superheroes are my first choice. So, let’s start this LOKIsday with style!

1. We Love Fine Captain America’s sweater is mine at last!

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I loved this sweater since I saw it on We Love Fine’s website. I needed it! Fortunately, I waited! I got the Halloween sale! Yay! And, as all geek fashion I own, I needed to take some pictures. [If you’re wondering why I always try to fit in the frame, it’s just because my friend is shorter than I am, and if I don’t do that, I simply cannot fit into it! It’s funny, though, because till I kind of fit it, we start laughing like idiots trying to get a pic right.]

2. I can’t believe I’ve been 19 weeks sugarless already!

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I am in awe! When I started my sugarless journey, I didn’t think I would be so strong! It’s my 19th week without processed sugar and I feel great! I totally recommend you to start your sugarless journey! I won’t lie to you: beginnings are hard. I felt like a total junkie. Seriously. But after so many weeks, it really paid off! Not only on my looks but also morally talking: I feel like a Superhero!

3. I started with an affiliate program thanks to Kimi Who!

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Thanks to Kimi Who I started my journey with Affiliate Window! [Yes, this is an affiliate link!] She wrote a very good post about how to earn some cash blogging, and after reading it I decided to give it a go, because:

  1. The program she recommended has Etsy!!!
  2. Because I love shopping fandom related goodies on Etsy!
  3. And because the problem also has other affiliates that I love and use to buy from a lot!

Since I only promote things that I like, when I started reading Kimi Who’s post I thought that it was just like other affiliate programs… You know: complicated and with tons of limitations. But, since I discovered that my favorite shops are there, I decided to join the fun! Woohoo!

4. I am convinced I must be a vampire…

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I have a hideous insomnia problem! I cannot sleep at night! Arrgh! I am more and more convinced that I might be a vampire… The only difference is that I feed on coffee during mornings (which does not work at all). I’ve been days without coffee to check out if it was the drink… but… nope. It’s me. So, it might be official: I’m a vampire. I discovered it this week. And… how can I love this? If I’m a vampire, I must have superpowers. And if I have superpowers, I am a vampire Superhero. [It’s all about maths, and the gallons of coffee you might have or not drank. Ha!]

5. Shipping Captain Swan [You knew this was going to appear somewhere!]

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It’s not only that I am Hooked… I am Captain Swaned! I don’t know how I manage to do it, but it has happened again! [Like I hadn’t enough with Ragnar and Lagertha…]

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And of course, I had to order the proper Funko Pops… These are so sweet together! I mean, come on! It’s a super cute couple.

ouat, once upon a time, captain hook, hookers, killian jones, captain swan, depepi, ouat, once upon a time, captain hook, hookers, killian jones, captain swan, depepi,

And then you have all these naughty thoughts. I am not sure if I have to blame this new ship addiction to the coffee, lack of coffee, or due to the fact of becoming a vampire… [Nah! It’s just me! Just shipping one of the hottest ships ever!]

Have a Mischievous LOKIsday!

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