Funko Friday: The Funko I feel lucky to have

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Welcome to another Funko Friday! Today’s topic is cute: the Funko I feel lucky to have. Despite feeling lucky to have my entire collection of Funkos, the reality is that there is a special badass one. When you love a character from a show, sometimes you like to have something small that represents that character. It can be jewellery, a tee or a Funko. I needed to wait for a long time for this Funko in particular (and its mate). As you know, many collections are announced way before you can buy them to create expectation. Well, it worked for me. I was mad, and I wanted the damn Funko. I couldn’t wait for it!

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Want to know who it is?

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Tadaa! Yes! It’s no other than super badass Lagertha! Beware, the levels of badassery of this tiny Funko are extreme! Not only she is super sexy and cute, but she is also the top number one kickass female character of all times! [Yeah, no signs of liking her whatsoever with this description. Nope, none.] She and Ragnar live on my working desk. On the right. Every time I feel weak or sleepy, I just take a look there, and I remember that Vikings are badass people. Specially, Lagertha. So, I stop with the whining stuff.

I feel really lucky to have this Funko because it’s like a wake-up call to kick ass when the days are blue. Keep strong, keep going and be a badass lady! This is a nice Funko to have and admire because the character it’s based on is badassery personified!

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