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Geeking out about an old educational anime that inspired me can be funny. Once upon a time… man, aka Érase una vez, el hombre was one of my favorite anime. While for many kids this was obviously torture, I was hooked on history stuff. This anime is old, from 1978. I watched it later that date, while still too young to understand everything. But there I was, watching every single episode there was! This was a French animated series that kept many kids busy during afternoons. (If I remember it correctly, Friday afternoons). Some hated it because parents made them watch it. Others, like me, flocked to the screens. [Picture a nerd kid with huge glasses preparing herself to 20 minutes of fun!]

geek, geeking out, geek girl, anime, once upon a time... man, érase una vez el hombre, depepi,

Even if it can seem boring, you could give it a go if you have children. [And now is when the nerd comes out and gives you as advice torture your children with this old educational anime with some outdated information… Okay, just forget what I just wrote. Or not.] Despite not being perfect, just the title forgets half of humanity, women, it’s quite one of a kind.

The cool thing about this old anime is that you can find some episodes on youtube. Yup, the full episodes (in UK English and Spanish). I was really a kid when I was watching this series and Once Upon a Time… the human body. Yup, there are two educational series. However, history was my favorite one. [Les yucky, I suppose.]

I remember to sit on my favorite sofa and consume these episodes, week after week. And then the re-runs. I am not sure if this anime made me love history, or history made me love the anime. I have no clue. I love history, and I love reading about things that have happened. Specially if they’re of certain periods of time that I find amazing. Somehow, I suppose this was just made for me? [Or so it seems.]

You can give this a go. Remember however that some of the information is outdated. These bring so many memories back. It’s nice to find some of the old anime you used to watch on Youtube. What about you? Did you watch any old anime that some people found boring?

And here is the song I remember. [Song in Spanish from Spain, narrator in Latin American Spanish… have no clue where exactly.]

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