Random Acts of Fandom is going on an adventure!

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This month’s Random Acts of Fandom is going on an adventure! Since I have no clue if I’ll be able to do a Random Actos of Fandom during December, I decided to do it double this month, honoring one of my favorite fandoms: LOTR and the Hobbit. Let’s unleash our Bilbo instincts and let’s go together on a great adventure, shall we? And we start it featuring Nerdy Alerty and The True Ultimate Fangirl Officially.

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As you know, one of my favorite characters is Bilbo, the only one who was able to leave the ring behind after a long time having it in his possession. By request of Gandalf, he let it on the ground. But, will these ladies be able to do the same? Will they be like Bilbo?

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Nerdy Alerty is a fresh blog written by Anna. She has always been partial to the Hobbits. Particularly Merry and Pippin. Though she hasn’t finished all the books, she loves LOTR and the Hobbit. Her favorite film is the Fellowship of the Ring. Her best friends and her went and saw that movie every weekend in the discount theater for MONTHS. Sometimes multiple times. Was it to see the adorable Orlando Bloom and Elijah Wood? Most likely. She can basically quote that entire movie word for word. And that is awesome!

If she could, Anna would probably choose to cosplay one of the hobbits. Or Tauriel, cause she’s kind of awesome. I’d say that Tauriel is totally kickass, so I would probably join her to Cosplay this great character!

You can find the Nerdy Alerty on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.

random acts of fandom, depepi, depepi.com, random acts of kindness

The True Ultimate Fangirl Officially is the greatest Supernatural fan ever. But she is also a great LOTR & Hobbit fan! She writes a wonderful geeky blog about Supernatural and her life as a fan. Despite being on fire with Supernatural, Mandy is pure heat when it comes to Tolkien’s world. She is in the process of finishing reading all the books at the moment. She has seen all the movies, and owns fantastic merch about it! She thinks that Sam would have been the perfect ring bearer, because he wouldn’t have been affected by the ring. Sorry, Frodo, it looks like everybody thinks you’re weak!

She loves LOTR deeply because it’s just so a wonderful tale of friendship, bravery and also weakness. A perfect image of what humanity is all about.

You can find TUFO on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

And so, what are these two gorgeous blogs going to get as a Random Act of Fandom?? Something that should be destroyed, but I guess that they’ll end up calling it “My Preciousss” (please read it with Gollum’s voice).

random acts of fandom, depepi, depepi.com, random acts of kindness

And now, my wonderful nominees!

  • Kimi Who?. She has a beautiful blog with awesomeness all over it. Plus, she is as crazy about Funko Pops as I am. So, why do I love her? Visit her blog and take a look at her Funko collection. You’ll fall in love too!
  • Geeky Loot. This is a place to explore fandom related stuff that you will love and need. It’s entertaining and highly mischievous! Once you’ve visited it once, you’ll need to visit it again and again and again!
  • Funko Fridays. Well, yeah, I know what you’re thinking. In a way I am nominating myself here… but, not quite. This is Funko Fridays; a Funko event held every week to enjoy all the greatness of Funko Pop figurines!! Join Kimi and me in this Funko adventure! It’s awesome!
  • Please remember that these nominations are invitations to do something crazy and amazing like this for a fellow blogger who might need a push or cheering up. You don’t need to do anything if you don’t want to, and if you decide to do a Random Act of Fandom, it can be as big or small as you want. Just enjoy the ride and spread the love!

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    Random Acts of Fandom was inspired by Random Acts of Kindness and Misha Collins. The host blogger does a kind act of fandom for a fellow blogger and nominates (invites) other three fellow bloggers to do the same.

    The rules are simple:

    • Do a kind act of fandom for a fellow blogger who needs a push, who might feel down or need some help.
    • Nominate (invite) three other fellow bloggers to do a random act of fandom for a fellow blogger of their choosing. Please say the reasons why you nominate them.
    • Link to this post/blog and use the banner of Random Acts of Fandom. If you feel creative, you can also create your own banner for Random Acts of Fandom, but remember to link dePepi.com as the origin of the virus.
    • Write these rules on your post.
    • Mention who nominated you.
    • Remember to contact your Nominees and the blogger you’re surprising with a Random Act of Fandom.

    You decide what your random act of fandom will be. You can do this once, or repeat it once in a while, or once every one or two months (my plan). The idea is to create as many good vibes online as possible. You can start by contacting the blogger you want to surprise with a Random Act of Fandom (if you want to send them something), promote them and then surprise them online, or making something collaborating with an NGO they love. Think about the blogger you choose, and then do something 🙂

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