Sweet blogs to enjoy with a cuppa coffee Vol. 2

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And here we are again with some sweet blogs to enjoy with a cuppa coffee. This time, I want to recommend three gorgeous blogs to hang around and read. Go ahead, get a hot coffee, and prepare yourself to enjoy the flavor with some good reads. I must warn you, however, that I am introducing two blogs about gaming, and I am not exactly a gamer myself. Okay, I play games on my iPhone, but I don’t really think that qualifies. I used to play, but I stopped, and now I am thinking about it again just because of blogs like these:

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Dina Farmer writes a wonderful blog about lifestyle and video games. It’s stylish and fun! I’m not much of a gamer, to be honest, but reading about games is starting to make me want to start playing again. (I used to play long time ago…) I love that she shares about her life too. And yes, her purple hair rocks. Just take a look at her blog. It’s great!

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Cute is an understatement of Gamer Wife. She’s made some super kawaii videos recently and I’m in love with them! She’s also evil. Another blog that it’s making me thinking seriously about playing games. Spooky cute ones to be more exact. Drop whatever you’re doing and take a look! You won’t regret it! Also, love her blue hair! (Please take a look at some of the artwork she she introduced recently about Octavi Navarro… too darn cute!!!)

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Kimi Who? has a great blog. There’s a little bit of everything, Funkos and great ideas to spend your money on (that come in handy when you need them most). I love her Things I love Thursdays (hosted by Kimi & Heather). It was impossible for me to take part in it on Thursdays, but I bent the rules and I follow it, only that I do it on LOKIsdays (Saturday). So, if you like the idea, you can join it on a different day 🙂

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