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Sometimes we need some geek fashion in our lives to feel marvellous. We Love Fine Marvel Superheroes geek fashion merch is an egoboo for the soul. It might sound silly, but every single time I put Captain Marvel’s knit sweater on I feel like a Superhero. If I’m having a bad day, just the fact of having some geek fashion on that remembers me of Carol Danvers, makes me feel stronger. I know, it’s purely psychological, but it works magic on me! So, what’s up with Superhero geek fashion that makes me feel more powerful, secure and better suited for Mondays? (Yes, I said the word! Mondays. Everybody knows Mondays tend to be gloomy!)

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The Superhero pose!! Wide-spread legs, and arms to the hips. Yeah! Most people know it by the Superman or Wonder Woman pose. It turns out that the Superhero pose makes your spirits brighter, your will stronger and your day more positive. Why? Your body poses affect how you feel!! So, if you’re sitting with a miserable posture, you’ll end up feeling miserable. (I’m not making this up! It’s actually science!!) If you sit down with your back all curved, arms wrapped and sad face for five minutes, odds are that you’re going to begin to feel bad regardless of how you felt when you started having that pose. However, if you take the Superhero pose for five minutes every morning, you’ll feel stronger for the rest of the day. If you have to take an interview, you’ll be more secure, and you will have fewer doubts about yourself!

Now add this when you look into the mirror:

we love fine, geek fashion, captain marvel, spider gwen, captain america, marvel, marvel comics, depepi,

Combine the Superhero pose with awesome geek fashion, and you’re bound to success. So, what’s my secret for being super active and positive 99% of the time? Geek fashion and Superhero body poses! So, for me, the magic works like this:

  • I crawl out from the bed like a zombie till I reach the toilet, and I try to make sure I am whole, clean and functional to arrive into the kitchen.
  • After taking my morning coffee I turn human again! But I still need some extra fuel into turning all my wheels on!
  • Time for the morning five-minute Superhero pose workout to play the trick!
  • Head to the closet and choose a geek fashion item for the day. Am I going to be Spider-Gwen? Loki? Captain Marvel? After the hard decision, I take one item, and I imagine myself as the Superhero character, make another wild Superhero pose with my geeky fashion item on while staring back into the mirror, and…
  • VoilĂ ! I’m ready to face the day!

And let me tell you: it works!!!!

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I feel sexy!

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I feel mischievous!

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I feel strong and motivated!!

Want to know more about the science of the Superhero pose? Watch the video. But remember: better results are achieved when you add geek fashion into the equation!

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