Things I love LOKIsday Vol. 3

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Hello! It’s LOKIsday!! I have to confess that this week has been one of the most stressing ones in my life. I couldn’t rest, I hardly sleep, and I had to do a zillion things. Fortunately, this weekend I can read my favorite blogs, write tons of comments, and watch Supernatural and Once Upon a Time. So, what’s been hot during this week???

1. Captain Marvel’s We Love Fine sweater arrived!!

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Yes! I got We Love Fine Captain Marvel’s sweater!! And I love it! It’s soft, wonderful, and really look like a superhero (despite being tired as hell).

2. And I also go JohnLock!! (Insert mischievous smirk here).

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The ultimate pop ship is at home! These two are so cute! There are many versions of Sherlock, but I chose the normal one to make it match with his beloved Watson. They look so adorable together. I’m going to have fun taking pics of these two. Muahahaha.

3. Jessica Jones Trailer, and why I love Netflix.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones is here at last, and it looks awesome! If you loved Daredevil, you’d love this one. Or so is what I think, taking a look at the trailer. I need it so badly. And this is why I love Netflix. Please, more of this!!

4. We started reading Loki AoA!!!

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Who can resist this sexy guy? Can you!? Really? Because this character is awesome! And we’re reading it together here. Join us! It’s fun! And if you’re new, don’t worry. You can download the reading guide here.

5. I loved the message of this song: Chuwon! Do what you want!

Pay attention to the lyrics because they’re very uplifting and awesome. The Japanese parts are translated in English. I love this video! Not only the lyrics but the kimonos are amazing! I want one! Remember: Do what you want!

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This prompt was originally called Things I love Thursdays. But Yours Trully decided that it fitted better her blog calling it (and doing it on) LOKIsdays. It is hosted by Kimi Who? and The Nerdy Fox. So what’s up on THORsdays here? Nothing really, apart from Comics and stuff. Go here to find out all about THORsday in this blog. Remember, LOKIsday is all about the goodness and mischievous that happened during the week.

Have a mischievous LOKIsday!

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