Comics THORsday: Loki Agent of Asgard #1, we start reading!

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And here it is! The awaited comics THORsday! Today we start reading Loki Agent of Asgard #1 (that’s around 20 pages from Loki AoA “Trust Me” that contains issues #1 to #5). This is so exciting because we are going to start reading comics with one of the best Marvel characters out there: Loki. He is the Trickster, the God of Mischief, and something more according to Loki AoA. But, wait! Are we really up to no good? We are! Embrace your mischievous side because we’re going to explore the wonders of the comics realm! Are you with me?

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First of all, download the reading guide for Loki AoA #1 below. You can print it out if you want. The best is to read part of it before you start reading the comic book. However, if you’ve already started, you can read the guide anyway. Maybe you’ve missed something?

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Click on the image to download your Loki AOA #1 reading guide! It’s a file that’s a little bit heavy. It might take a while to download.

First time with comics? Don’t despair. The guide has all the basics you need: what are speech balloons, captions, panels and the gutter. It also explains how to follow a page, and also clues on colors and what cultural clues appear on Loki AoA #1. This is a mischievous comic, and so, there are funny references along the way. If you train your eyes, you’ll see them coming real fast.

Let me just give one away! We’ll meet a very sexy Loki taking a shower. (Embrace yourselves because the sexy levels on this series is out of the roof!) He is singing a tune. Let’s take a quick look!

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He sings: “No All-Father’s not proud of you… no brother acts a-shamed… and all of Asgard will love you, when as a wi-ard you’re ac-claimedheld in such high es-teem! When people see me they will scream! For half of Asgard’s favorite te-e-eam…. the wizard… and…

Does this ringa bell to you? Let me help you!

Okay! He has changed the lyrics a little bit! Elphaba sings: “No father is not proud of you, no sister acts ashamed, and all of Oz has to love you, when by the Wizard, you’re acclaimed (…) Held in such high esteem, when people see me, they will scream, for half of Oz’s fav’rite team: the Wizard and I!”

This is a very strong and powerful beginning! Not only he is in a good mood, but he is also giving you clues about his personality by giving away a character he relates to. This is a hard reference to catch, especially if you haven’t seen the musical. However, what Loki sings it’s pretty important. He is up to do something that will make his family being proud of him again.

Colors also play a game here. See the shower?? The main color of the page? GREEN! The main color of Loki’s outfit in comics is green. In fact, his outfit has traditionally been green and golden. Only recently black was added. You will also note that his thoughts are contained in green captions with white lettering (more golden/yellowish than white to be exact). Well, Elphaba is green as well. So, in a sense, we can see green and hear a green Elphaba singing into our heads as well!

Loki is teaming up with the All-Mother, three Goddesses (Gaea, Freyja, and Idunn) that are ruling Asgard at the moment. His mission is to do good to erase all the bad that he has done before. But will he be able to do that? He is telling us a story (told in green), please remember that: you are his accomplice! You are making things happening because you are listening to him!

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I just gave you away one of the hardest clues in issue #1 (and others within my narrative, but I won’t say more, oh no!) But I’ll give away yet another clue. Because I’m a good mood like Loki! Look for Loki’s smile. Remember: it’s all about magic and being a little bit mad.

So, now read the comic. And keep in mind: “this is a story.” Enjoy!

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