Comics THORsday on Sunday: Loki Agent of Asgard, a beginner’s guide

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Yes, I know! It’s a strange comics THORsday on a Sunday, but the news are worth it! We are going to read Loki Agent of Asgard. I’ll post a beginner’s guide to issue #1 this THORsday for everyone on my blog, and those who are in our group in Reading Comics. Members have decided that we’re going to start reading comics with the God of Mischief!

Let’s face it! We’re up to no good with Loki. But he is sexy, charismatic and funny! So, if you want to join us, do so. Get Loki Agent of Asgard issue #1 or Loki Agent of Asgard: cannot tell a lie (issues #1 to #5).

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Where can you find the comics?

  • Try in your local library. They might have it.
  • If a friend of yours has it, you could borrow it from your friend.
  • Or buy it. You can try Amazon.
  • Or you can try it digitally from Marvel Comics.

Then join us! You can join our group, or you can follow this blog every THORsday from now on to get your beginner’s guide.

What happens if I’m not a beginner? You can join us, of course!! We are open to non-beginners as well. Join us and have fun reading Loki Agent of Asgard!

In the meanwhile, you can read about the History of Comics in the US, and an introduction to comics as well if you have some time. Remember, above all the target here is to have fun!

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Loki: Agent of Asgard #1
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