Things I love LOKIsday Vol. 2

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I love LOKIsday! This week has been a zombie week. Not because we’re closing to Halloween, but because I’ve been so busy that not even coffee could make the trick for me to seem human. Yes, you’re reading the blog of a zombie girl. Well, not really, but let’s just pretend that you are reading the blog of a zombie girl (it even has a cool sound to it!) However, this week has been notorious not for zombies but for rainbows and unicorns.

things I love, LOKIsday, things I love LOKIsday, depepi,

Prepare yourself not to lose your undies away! This LOKIsday spits glitter!

1. I won’t be able to eat ice cream ever again.

Not that I will eat ice cream any time soon… As you know, I am on the sugar-free path now, and this means that no ice creams outside home. Thanks to this very instructive video, now I am totally sure that the only way to eat ice cream safely is to make it at home: with fruits, mind you. Who knows who has a unicorn with glitter problems all over working in the kitchen of your favorite gelatos place?

2. We’re reading comics from zero! Yay!

Reading Comics’s to-read book montage

Reading Comics 8 members

A group that aims to help people who starts reading comics. We choose one comic a month, and we r…

Books we plan to read

Loki: Agent of Asgard #1
Ms. Marvel, Vol. 1: No Normal
Spider-Gwen Vol. 0: Most Wanted?
Silk #1
Captain Marvel, Vol. 1: Higher, Further, Faster, More

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Last week I wrote a short guide on how to read comics. The post was a blast, and then I proposed in Geek Girls x Bloggers that if anyone would like to join me in reading comic books from zero. I would create the guides and explain how it works for those who are new to the world. You can join us if you want 🙂 We have a poll to decide which will be the first comic we’ll read. If you already know how it works but want to join us just to have a good time together, please do! We’re a nice group, and I’m sure we’ll have loads of fun!!

3. Kimi rocks!

things I love, LOKIsday, things I love LOKIsday, depepi,

Don’t know Kimi Who? yet? You should stop by the blog of this great blogger. She is funny, a great Funko Pop collector, and a sweetheart. I am very happy I am doing the Funko Fridays with her. But what I treasure the most is our online talks. Come on! Click on the link and discover her blog!!

4. Preparing myself for Crimson Peak

things I love, LOKIsday, things I love LOKIsday, depepi,

I’ve been told that the movie is spooky as hell. So, I am preparing myself mentally to go to the cinema… I am not a fan of horror movies, but I plan to go to this one. And to have the moral support I personally need, I’ll be going with these two little fellows. I’ll need to grab things. So, what better to grab than Funko Pops?

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This prompt was originally called Things I love Thursdays. But Yours Trully decided that it fitted better her blog calling it (and doing it on) LOKIsdays. It is hosted by Kimi Who? and The Nerdy Fox. So what’s up on THORsdays here? Nothing really, apart from Comics and stuff. Go here to find out all about THORsday in this blog. Remember, LOKIsday is all about the goodness and mischievous that happened during the week.

Have a mischievous LOKIsday!

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