Fandom Friday: 5 Fandom Halloween Stuff that I Love

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This Fandom Friday is spooky and cute. I stretched the topic a little bit, so I decided to talk about fandom-related things that are connected with Halloween. Because I love the world of fandom and Halloween. I know many things can be done throughout the year, but these are sweeter during Halloween.

1. Fandom Halloween Costumes

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I love fandom related costumes for Halloween, like this one of Tina Rybakova. I know that you can Cosplay all year round, but during Halloween is much, much better! [By the way, Tina looks exactly like Tauriel!]

2. Fandom-themed Halloween Parties

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Fandom-themed Halloween parties where you can have loads of fun with music, apples, food, and movies! I love Halloween parties, they’re fun. Only that sometimes you have too many zombies in it.

3. Movies to watch during Halloween and fangirl about it

And talking about movies, this is the perfect time for Hocus Pocus. And other movies that fit Halloween perfectly. But it has to be with Hocus Pocus.

4. Shows to bingewatch during Halloween.

This is the perfect time for ghosts, zombies, vampires, wendigos, demons and angels. You got it! The best time of the year to bingewatch Supernatural! I know, it’s impossible to bingewatch everything on just one day, but it makes the perfect choice for the whole month, doesn’t it.

5. Halloween themed food.

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Ah, yummy Halloween food. Since I went sugar-free, sweets are out of the question. But, pumpkin soup it’s in! Lovely yummy Halloween food that I can eat and that has loads of pumpkin in it. And, also bake some fandom related cookies. That’s also fun!

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