Geek Fashion: The Nightmare Before Xmas

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When geek girls talk about geek fashion stereotypes happen. When fangirls engage in fashion talking, some people just nod their heads as if this only happens among the members of the feminine gender. And all those gorgeous tees you have into your closet, what are they? Fanboys have as much geek fashion in their closets as fangirls do. However, because of stereotypes it seems that the realm of geek fashion has to bee only tees for men. In recent years, more and more geek merch has appeared for female delight, including high-end fashion. Not only cosplays are hot, but your everyday closet is as well. And you know what’s the fun part? Inspiration!

One of my favorite movies is “the Nightmare before Christmas.” The first time I saw Tim Burton’s masterpiece I was hooked. Despite not liking monochrome themed clothing, I loved the ideas that came from Jack. Before going further, let’s remember the trailer, shall we?

Jack is the Pumpkin King, who lives in eternal Halloween but who discovers Xmas. And things happen. It’s fun, lovely and it makes you laugh a lot. This is the spirit you have to think of when inspiring yourself in Jack. Even if your life is all black and white, you can put some red and green into it as well. But, since we’re in Halloween time, we can get some ideas in what to wear to honor this wonderful character.

nightmare before xmas, geek fashion, depepi,

You can find these jackets and knitwear on Hottopic. Or, if you’re a crafty one, you can knit your Jack sweater. The key here is to be happy withe one’s personality without leaving apart one’s dreams.

Whether we are aware of it or not, the fashion options we choose give away our mood to the rest. And so do our chosen characters. To dress up like Jack means to be a little bit of a dreamer and to want to go beyond our comfort zone. Think about the fashion-style he offers: pretty sexy dresses, extreme jackets and quite flashy sweaters. To dress in Jack means to want to go beyond society rules.

Think about Jack’s world: Halloween forever. He is the King, the ruler, and thus has more responsibilities than anything else. And he cannot change. Or that’s what he thinks. However, something that he discovers makes him dream, and the dream makes him wanting to explore. Yes, he made some bad choices, but the message of Jack is clear: be happy with who you are, but never stop dreaming nor exploring.

So, think twice of what you wear next because your geek fashion is giving away a lot of who you are and how you feel. Are you ready for Halloween yet?

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