You’re Never Weird On The Internet (almost)

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It’s a proven scientific fact: You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) [The Book Depository] [Waterstones]. Well, maybe it’s not a scientific fact. Maybe it’s just what Felicia Day says from the deepest parts of her heart in her awesome book. A book that you need before tomorrow. Seriously. I’ve laughed while reading it and nodded in front of it countless times. Why? Because I can relate. Let’s face it: I’m a weird geek. I might not be a gamer, but, many of her stories ring a bell.

[Contains some spoilers ahead. If you want to make things right: go to the bookshop now. Yeah: NOW. Read the book tonight, and then come back and read this amazing post. Because, yes, it’s amazing. Modesty mode off, babe.]

I wasn’t home-schooled as she was, but I did have a problem in socializing with other kids. Friends were hard to find. And when the Internet finally reached our shores, I discovered a Brave New World! Felicia Day’s journey is not only amazing; but it’s also hilarious and mana from Heaven. Why? Because it has a very strong message for all geek beings in the Universe. Okay, maybe not all geek beings in this Universe. Yeah, aliens living on the Pleiades might not agree with me. But the rest do.

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If you love something from the bottom of your heart [which is not forbidden by law, of course], you should try your best to do it and make it happen. Whatever the rest of mortals say, you have the right of being your own weird, dream big, and make your dreams come true. I know that this is easier said than done, but if you read Felicia’s book, you’ll realize that no matter what your environment says: you can make it happen.

I still remember all the long faces when I started to learn Japanese, by myself, with some crappy copies I got from God-knows-where. It wasn’t my parents, but my aunts and friends who eye-rolled every time they saw me trying to decipher one of the kanjis. Nope, there wasn’t the internet around yet. Nope, I wasn’t old enough as to get into University. And nope, it wasn’t considered a language that you’ll need to travel to Mars. Well, perhaps it does nowadays.

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Making it short: they believed I was wasting my time. Weird Yours Truly showed them, years later, how awesome Japanese is by being granted a Scholarship from the Japanese Government and going to Japan. And then living the dream there during eight gorgeous years. It happened because I made it happen. I insisted and insisted till I got what I wanted. [I’ve always done that, if not, ask my sweetheart and what happened with my first Mac ever… maybe this is for another post.]

Dear weirdos: you need this book. You need air to breath, but you need this book more. You cannot breath in the book, but you can take in all the wisdom that it contains. This is one of the best books this year, and one in which I can find myself reflected. Felicia Day is Queen Geek!!!

spn, supernatural, felicia day, you're never weird on the internet, depepi,

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