Things I love LOKIsday Vol. 1

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Welcome to things I love LOKIsday!! Originally this was thought under another name: things I love Thursdays. But as you know, THORsday is already covered by comics on this blog, so I decided to go on the mischievous wagon and change the prompt to LOKIsday. Oh yes! Thing I love Thursday is hosted by Kimi Who? and The Nerdy Fox. And, without much ado, I begin.

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So, how was your week Pepi? Busy, exhausting and a rollercoaster. I will spare you all the details, but, suffice to say that: men I need Loki’s ability to multiply myself, or a magic wand, or the Genie of the Bottle. Whatever works to have a clone. However, this week has been good because I love all of these:

1. OMG! Sherlock!

Or, to be more accurate: Oh my dear Watson! Dear high functioning sociopaths, please take a look at this marvel of humorous video. If you love JohnLock subtext, you’re going to love this video. It made me laugh out loud. I say this is on the top of the list this week. (You gotta luv it!)

2. Spider-Gwen cardigan is mine at last!!

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OMG, those dark rings under my eyes!! Zombies look better. BUT!! They don’t have this awesome Spider-Gwen cardigan from We Love Fine! I know what you are thinking. Didn’t you have a Spider-Gwen hoodie tank top already? Err… let me think… Yes! I did! But, how can I resist this piece of gorgeous Geek Fashion? Tell me: how?

3. Supernatural!!!!!!!!

Darkness is here; Sam is [SPOILERS] infected (and nope, it wasn’t my fault), and the audience [that’s us] are having a heart attack! I won’t tell you anything. O well, I might ask you that you show me some skin :p (If you’ve seen the episode, you know what I’m talking about).

4. Shipping Captain Swan.

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Finally, you discover there’s a great show called Once Upon a Time. And you get “hooked” on it. Damn Rumplestinskin (or Gold). You binge-watch the first season, and then it happens. You enter the realms of season 2 and end up shipping Captain Swan. I bet writers did this on purpose. Too much sexiness on this show. Too much!

5. You come up with the greatest excuse ever to enlarge your Funko Pop collection eternally. Yay!

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It all happened on Monday. What can go wrong when you just start talking about Funkos? Nothing really. You just end up teaming up with Kimi Who? and creating the greatest excuse (and trap, mind you) to keep up with your Funko addiction. Babe, I’m doomed!

6. You find out that your stories about classic literature aren’t that far from reality.

Have you ever been accused of having a little too much of imagination? Or that Pride and Prejudice could never be a zombie story? Well, then tell me, what’s that!? Literature teachers all over the world are having nightmares at the moment. No pun intended.

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[I don’t really like zombie movies, but I found this amazing. My generation is dooming the movie industry for good. About time!]

Things I Love Thursdays hosted by and

Remember, the prompt is originally called Things I love Thursdays. But Yours Trully decided that it fitted better her blog calling it (and doing it on) LOKIsdays. It is hosted by Kimi Who? and The Nerdy Fox. So what’s up on THORsdays here? Nothing really, apart from Comics and stuff. Go here to find out all about THORsday in this blog. Remember, LOKIsday is all about the goodness and mischievous that happened during the week.

Have a mischievous LOKIsday!

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