Fandom Friday: Fandom People I Want on My Side During an Apocalypse

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You know you love the topic of this Fandom Friday when you feel the heat of the moment all over your body and want to start dancing. Apocalypse here I come! I know, a weird topic to geek out, right? Not if you’re the main reason you’ve produced the Apocalypse… Hang on? What did you say? Yes. If we’re going down, better do it in style, with stylish black, green and gold suits. Let’s prepare the salt!!!

And, by the way, I don’t know if you’ve noticed the slight change on the prompt!? Yes! Fandom people! I had to introduce a nuance 😉 Don’t worry! It’s going to be fun! At least you’ll know what’s going to explode in this particular Apocalypse.

1. Loki of Asgard.

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Wait, what? Wasn’t he the one to provoke the whole Ragnarok thingy in Norse Mythology? Err, yup. He was, and he died. But, it’s the Apocalypse. He had a great time before the final battle, according to the Gospel of Loki (read it, it’s awesome.) Besides, if we’re talking about the MCU Loki, we’re talking about mayhem and loads of mischief. If we’re on the road to perdition, better to have some fun along the way, right?

2. The Winchesters.

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So, what happens if we’re surrounded by ghosts, demons, and all that stuff? No problem! The best are the Winchesters. They’re hot, and… by the way, they already stopped one Apocalypse. Okay, yeah, they’ve released the Darkness. But, hey! Nobody is perfect!

3. Lagertha and Ragnar!

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I think that the temperature just went up some degrees. Have you seen the gif? Isn’t that hot? You want them on your side. You can have a great night together, sing Viking songs and then die in the midst of the battle like a true Viking. Bring the mead!

4. Snape!!!

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It’s not always fun during an apocalypse. So, I would need Snape just to remind me to control my emotions. You know, you can panic. Especially if there are zombies all over. I can handle vamps, Windigos and things like that. But zombies? I need a Snape for that!

5. And finally… Robert Downey Jr.

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Hang on a second! Did you say, Downey Jr.? What’s going on!? The rest are fictional characters, but this dude? Shh, don’t tell, but, he’s Iron Man. For real! Downey Jr. is Tony Stark. So, I need him for the Apocalypse. You never know when you’ll need a weapon of mass seduction.

Oh, and by the way… Have I mentioned…?

fandom friday, fandom, 5FF, depepi,, ragnar, lagertha, vikings

And that…

fandom friday, fandom, 5FF, depepi,, spn, supernatural, sam winchester

And yes… that’s the Apocalypse!

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