Feeling Good! 3 sugar-free months to celebrate with a Funko Pop Giveaway!

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Yay! We’re here again celebrating! This time my 3 sugar-free months! And this time I’m giving away my first Funko Pop! If you are following me you already know that I collect this awesome figurines. I just love these guys! To celebrate that I started the path to a sugar-free life, I decided to create this Funko Pop giveaway before another one that I have in mind. This means that the giveaway marathon that I had in mind for September is going to be longer and take part of October. Yup! You’ve read it correctly: celebration is extended now to October as well!

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So, why am I celebrating again my sugar-free journey? Because it’s been 3 sugar-free months! Three months! I can’t believe it! It’s been hard, very hard, and challenging, but since I started being totally sugar free I feel better, have less anxiety and I feel like celebrating. This time, however, because it’s three months, I decided to give away a tiny cute little fellow: Hiccup! Hiccup is a strong character who has a super cool dragon (Toothless) and who is lovely, especially in Funko Pop version.

So, what do you need to do to win this super cute Funko Pop figurine? Very easy! You just need to click on Rafflecopter widget (down this paragraph) and share this giveaway on your social media, like my FB page (this one is mandatory), follow me on Twitter and collect points! Yup! That easy! Remember that you can share on Twitter the giveaway once a day. You collect points doing that 🙂

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  • Starts on September, Monday 28, 2015.
  • Ends on October, Saturday 03, 2015.
  • You must like dePepi on FB in order to get the prize.

Good luck everyone!!

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