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I got another nomination for the Free Spirit Award by A Life More Kawaii, and the prompt is to talk about a game that I love. It can be a PC game or any game. I am not a gamer, but I do play games on my iPhone. Although I must admit that I don’t play that much. The games I like are mostly puzzle-like games. This includes Sherlock-styled games and visual chimeras. So, there’s no surprise here when I tell you that I love Monument Valley. It’s not only the graphics, but it’s also the concept and the idea that you can see reality from different perspectives and change it. It is dreamy and compelling. And, of course, it makes you think a lot.

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Let’s take a look at the artwork because this game is so cute and amazing. The whole architecture is great. And I love that you can turn things around and find paths that seemed impossible depending on the perspective.

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This game hooked me in seconds. And I played it all at once in some hours. Then I kept waiting till more chapters were added, and again it happened the same! I had to play it all at once. It’s cool! I love it! And although I already know everything about it, I love to play it again and again. I just hope these guys decide to either add more to it or create something similar with the same concept. This game is just too good to be missed!

So, this is it! My favorite game so far is Monument Valley. I highly recommend it! Plus it helps in taking a second view of reality. After this game, you won’t see reality with the same perspective 😉

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This post was written because I was nominated for the Free Spirit Award by A Life More Kawaii. Thank you for nominating me and also for the topic!

The Free Spirit Award was created by UNOTAKU and Marvelously Mismatched.


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Topic: Write about a crazy fandom idea you had and that you made a reality.

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