Random Acts of Fandom Starts Being Kawaii

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Random Acts of Fandom starts its adventure being kawaii. Inspired by Random Acts of Kindness and Misha Collins I decided to create a double edge award: one that does a kind act of fandom for a fellow blogger and nominates (invites) other three fellow bloggers to do the same. So, it’s like a virus: it’s contagious!

The rules are simple:

  • Do a kind act of fandom for a fellow blogger who needs a push, who might feel down or need some help.
  • Nominate (invite) three other fellow bloggers to do a random act of fandom for a fellow blogger of their choosing. Please say the reasons why you nominate them.
  • Link to this post/blog and use the banner of Random Acts of Fandom. If you feel creative, you can also create your own banner for Random Acts of Fandom, but remember to link dePepi.com as the origin of the virus.
  • Write these rules on your post.
  • Mention who nominated you.
  • Remember to contact your Nominees and the blogger you’re surprising with a Random Act of Fandom.

You decide what your random act of fandom will be. You can do this once, or repeat it once in a while, or once every one or two months (my plan). The idea is to create as much good vibes online as possible. You can start by contacting the blogger you want to surprise with a Random Act of Fandom (if you want to send them something), promote then and then surprise them online, or making something collaborating with a NGO they love. Think about the blogger you choose, and then do something 🙂

I decided to start my Random Acts of Fandom in a kawaii way with A Life More Kawaii.

random acts of fandom, depepi, depepi.com, random acts of kindness

I discovered A Life More Kawaii in Female Geek Bloggers, an awesome community I love to be in. Angie’s blog is super cute, pinkish and plenty of kawaii information. If you like the world of kawaii, you’re going to love her blog. She has an awesome family that includes two kitties, two birds, two ratties, and one snake! It’s a cute personal blog, with loads of kawaii feelings and information.

I contacted Angie and proposed her to be my first victim for a Random Act of Fandom. And she said yes! So, here I am with my evil plan. Since I know she loves kawaii stuff from Japan, I decided that my Random Act of Fandom would be send Angie and Jen something small from Japan, plus a crazy thing from Europe. (Don’t worry, it doesn’t bite!) And because I am mischievous, before sending it, here you have the sneak peak! [SPOILER ALERT]

random acts of fandom, depepi, depepi.com, random acts of kindness

It’s actually something silly and quite small. Yes, the Japanese huge letters plus the link to this blog are actually covering what’s behind and are horribly huge. It’s obvious that I’ve done that on purpose so you can all take a tiny look on what’s going to travel to Utah. And yes, the plan is also to make someone start thinking about what the hell that might be. Or if there’s something else? Or maybe there’s nothing else. (Told you! I’m totally evil!)

So, while you admire the spoiler alert, and we leave Angie wondering what crazy tiny silly thing I might have chosen to send her and her wife, I invite you all to visit A Life More Kawaii (blog, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram, on Pinterest, on Bloglovin and on Tumblr).

My nominees are:

  • My Open Sketchbook. I love her drawings and I always check her Instagram! She is one of my victim nominees because she loves SPN as much as I do (I believe), and because I was fangirling on the fact that she likes my blog! It’s mutual, so, yay! The nomination-burden goes to you! (I think I lost my shoe now…)
  • Psycholo Geek. I am hooked on discovering the geek side of fandom from other perspectives, and Geek Psychology is one of them. Psycholo Geek is always posing very interesting topics on her blog, so, yes, I chose you too as a victim nominee because I love reading your blog!
  • CuppaGeek. Though I have coffee instead of blood into my veins, I also drink gallons of tea. Unbelievable, right? Thanks to CuppaGeek I can now have access to sheer amounts of tea that I had no idea about! Yes, darling, you guessed it! Nominated because of your delicious blog!

Please remember that these nominations are invitations to do something crazy and amazing like this for a fellow blogger who might need a push or cheering up. You don’t need to do anything if you don’t want to, and if you decide to do a Random Act of Fandom, it can be as big or small as you want. Just enjoy the ride and spread the love! 😀

random acts of fandom, depepi, depepi.com, random acts of kindness

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